BANG Movie Review: Footloose (the remake) Meets Reality

It’s a classic: twinkle-toes city boy arrives in small town USA where the kids aren’t allowed to dance, and makes it his mission to get the bylaw changed – and win the heart of the preacher’s daughter. When we first saw the trailer for the new Footloose movie, Sean asked, “Why do they need to remake this movie?” I wondered […]

Hypes and Gripes – June 2011

Gripe: My blog DISAPPEARING for a week. Now that I’ve looked at my stats, I can see that it was a blank, unviewable page for seven whole days (even though I didn’t realize it for the first few). Scary. Hype: It’s back! My daddy fixed it!! Yay! Dear blog, I apologize for updating your plugins so infrequently and for not […]

BANG Movie (and story) Review: The Adjustment Bureau

After seeing The Adjustment Bureau last night, I decided to read the story it’s based on – “Adjustment Team”, by Philip K. Dick. A strange experience on both counts. I’d seen trailers, so I knew the movie was about some guy who gets involved with a group of sinister guys in fedoras who reveal to him that free will is […]

Stalling Techniques

Folks, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been feeling overpowered by life: among other things, reading The Hunger Games and finding that it consumed my brain to the extent that I was afraid to start the next book for fear of falling off the planet, AND now, report cards. I’m rather behind on those at this moment. Anyway. […]

Kids Are Great

Perhaps it’s time to talk about some kids other than mine. So, a week late… let’s talk about the school play, “A Night at the Wax Museum”. It was worth writing about, although the words will never do it justice. It was a cute play, created by my colleague Mr. A and his actors, about two kids who get accidentally […]

Bellydance Bizarre

I thought y’all might enjoy this video of (some of) our dance troupe, Invoketress, dancing our interpretation of the story of Lillith to Apocalyptica’s cover of Metallica’s “One”. We performed last weekend at the Bellydance Bizarre, hosted by DownHips of Cambridge. What a fantastic show: all the dancers bring their most funny/weird/creepy numbers to the Halloween show every year, and […]

Shake Your Tailfeather

Everybody needs dancing. It’s in our biology, right along with the need for singing and banging a drum – across cultures and continents. It connects us to our communities and our partners and our own selves. Do you dance? (Say yes.) Where do you dance? What makes you do it? What rhythm or song inspires your dancing? (I dance to […]

Dilovely’s Top 10 Pick-Me-Ups

The other day, I was in a funk. I’d had some news from my school board that made me feel frustrated and undervalued, and once I felt like that, every other little thing made me feel worse. E was in a cranky mood and doing his whiny cry for no reason all the time, and I was tired of listening […]

E Not Liking Grass, Part II: Hindu Gods

I’ve uploaded the sequel to Mission Impossible Baby, just to showcase the diversity of E’s talents. 🙂 Here, he avoids grass by striking poses that you will note are very similar to sculptures of dancing Hindu divinities. In my belly dance class, we’ve been learning some Indian-inspired choreography, and how it’s all about the bends in your body, the angles […]

Freakin’ Talented Asian Mini-Pops

Just for fun… Here’s a clip someone sent me. It’s GREAT. Maybe you’ve seen this little dude before, if you’re a YouTube troller, but he’s worth a watch. The cutest parts happen near the end, so keep watching. You can’t not smile! I do worry about his tiny ears, though – he can’t be doing them much good. And since […]

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