Dance For The Joy Of It – Gratitude Day 23

My daughter takes two dance lessons per week – one ballet and one hip-hop. On Mondays it’s ballet. As another mom and I were waiting outside the door for the kids to come out, we chatted in glowing terms about this particular studio. The dance experience has been nothing but awesome for AB. As many of you know, she has […]

5-Day Artist Challenge, Day 5: Dance

I’ve saved Dance for last in my 5-Day Artist Challenge, because my relationship with dance is both of utmost importance to me, and hardest to describe. (So hard, in fact, that apparently I had to wait for ages, forget that I still had never finished the post, and pick it up with renewed fervour.) You may have forgotten, in all this […]

#NaBloPoMo, Day 3: Dance

Tonight, I’m grateful for dance. For the way it brings people together, in circles, squares, pairs, clumps, and huge crowds. For the catharsis of a solo soul-dance party with nobody watching. For the way it makes great music greater. For the rush of a great performance – for both dancers and spectators. For the beauty and grace, and for the […]

100 Happy Days – Day 28: THE SHOW

  What a night. It was the kind of dance performance experience you hope for: Everything went smoothly – no obvious costume mishaps, lighting and music cues were all on, people did their jobs well. We had an almost-full theatre. Our guest performers were all amazing. We got great feedback from our audience (even some of the tough customers who happen […]

100 Happy Days – Day 27: Gettin’ Stuff Organized

The day before the show!!! I have been in this many dance pieces (5) – or even more – in other shows, but never with quite so much in the way of complex costumes. It feels great to have everything ready to go. *** [subscribe2] [ad name=”Med Rec”] *** Related Posts:100 Happy Days – Day 28: THE SHOWWhy I Love Belly DancingA […]

Remembering What We’re Built To Do

When I was 18, a boy at Camp wrote a poem for me. Although I didn’t requite his crush, I still consider his poem one of the most romantic things I’ve ever received, because of its candour. The second line was “She’s just like sunshine through the trees,” and to this day I still feel kinda thrilled about that. Sunshine […]

Toddler Tracks: Baby AB and the Power of Toddling

Dear Baby AB, Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written of your exploits here, even though – or perhaps because – you’re continually astonishing. There is so much to catch up on! At the end of this month, you will be a year-and-a-half old. Eighteen months. That’s big. The first thing I guess I have to concede is: […]

Why I Love Belly Dancing

Dancing has always been part of me. Long before I took my first ballet class at age six, I liked to fling myself around the living room to music, preferably with filmy garments draped over me. Since then, I’ve tried almost every kind of dance you can think of, except for tap. (Not that I have anything against tap – […]

A few pertinent numbers

  1 Day until Mosaic, the belly dance fusion show in which I’ll be performing with my belly dance troupe! 3 group numbers I’ll be dancing in with the gorgeous ladies of Invoketress; 9 guest performers/groups gracing us with their presence tomorrow; 3:24 minutes of solo I’ve choreographed to a well-known pop song (hint: I’ll be wearing a skirt that’s […]

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