100 Happy Days – Day 27: Gettin’ Stuff Organized

The day before the show!!! I have been in this many dance pieces (5) – or even more – in other shows, but never with quite so much in the way of complex costumes. It feels great to have everything ready to go. *** [subscribe2] [ad name=”Med Rec”] *** Related Posts:100 Happy Days – Day 28: THE SHOWWhy I Love Belly DancingA […]

100 Happy Days – Day 3: Cuties in Costumes

Hoping my technical difficulties might take a coffee break, I’m attempting to backpublish a post from… several days ago. (I wouldn’t want you to think that Jian Ghomeshi had completely quashed the possibility of happy days.) Here’s some happy from Day 3, even though they’re pics from October 31st. Because they can make me smile any day of the year. (Even though […]

Happy Halloween!

By day he’s a dragon. (With a hungry caterpillar sidekick.) By night, he’s a giraffe. He’d heard all about trick-or-treating from the other kids, so was all revved up for his first time out, saying, “I need candy!” (This from a kid who’s barely eaten candy, ever.) Skye and I took him down the street, and he was so happy […]

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