5-Day Artist Challenge, Day 5: Dance

I’ve saved Dance for last in my 5-Day Artist Challenge, because my relationship with dance is both of utmost importance to me, and hardest to describe. (So hard, in fact, that apparently I had to wait for ages, forget that I still had never finished the post, and pick it up with renewed fervour.) You may have forgotten, in all this […]

#NaBloPoMo, Day 3: Dance

Tonight, I’m grateful for dance. For the way it brings people together, in circles, squares, pairs, clumps, and huge crowds. For the catharsis of a solo soul-dance party with nobody watching. For the way it makes great music greater. For the rush of a great performance – for both dancers and spectators. For the beauty and grace, and for the […]

100 Happy Days – Day 28: THE SHOW

  What a night. It was the kind of dance performance experience you hope for: Everything went smoothly – no obvious costume mishaps, lighting and music cues were all on, people did their jobs well. We had an almost-full theatre. Our guest performers were all amazing. We got great feedback from our audience (even some of the tough customers who happen […]

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