Autumnal Adventures, Part 1: Picking Apples and Petting Animals

It says a lot about autumn’s charisma that I still love it even though it means the end of summer. I adore the open windows, bare feet, long evenings, singing crickets, and picnic-table dinners of summer. But then there are fresh apples, brilliant leaves, woodsmoke, and cozy sweaters, so it all works out. In the case of the Sunday we […]

The Fall Fair: it’s WAY better with a kid

On Thanksgiving weekend, we took E to his first Fall Fair. I remember how much I loved the fair as a kid – but I’d forgotten. It wasn’t until I brought my toddler that I re-realized how FANTABULOUS it really is. In fact, it spoiled this kid for normal life. The morning after, he first words out of his mouth […]

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