Actually, it's November 8th. Today.

I don’t know why, but my blog records all my posts as a day later than they actually are.  Like somehow I can see into the future?  Write the future?  (“It’s like I have ESPN or something!”) So today is November 8th, and my little baby (“E”) is five months old.  Already!  And he truly is the best, most cutest, […]

Hee hee…

Secret’s out! That is to say, my lovely blogtacular sister knows I have a blog, because I commented on her blog while (b)logged in as my blogself.  And then she wrote about it on Facebook, so who knows who will know next?? Funny, because I was already thinking about writing today about how I’m not good at keeping secrets.  I […]

NaBloPoMo, NaNoWriMo. (DoWiSeTrePla?)

How auspicious!  I have started blogging, just by coincidence, during NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month.  All I have to do is blog every day… no problem!  (Way easier than if I had to jog every day.  I am just not a runner.)  Of course, I missed a couple days there, but I can do some extras on the end, right?  […]

Dilovely's Little List of Goals

I’m enjoying this.  I enjoy that I don’t need preamble or continuity to write in my Bloggy Blog.  No constraints on length or level of awesomeness. (When my sister started her blog and left for Europe, I discovered that my baby son gives big smiles when you say “Blogblogblogblogblog.”) What was my topic again? Oh right.  Since I am so […]

A few of today's thoughts

It occurs to me that I might seem conceited to choose the user name dilovely.  I wanted to emphasize the love part, since I’m very aware of love, and like to make sure people hear about it when I love them.  Okay? Wait, why do I care if the ether thinks I’m conceited?  Shoot, I guess even in this anonymous […]

What a healthy fad this is.

I’m just realizing something as I think about writing a blog for the first time. Everyone out there who has decided to write a blog is journalling. And that’s great! I’m like Oprah. (Okay, I’m not really much like Oprah at all, but go with it.) I always recommend writing what you’re thinking or feeling, especially when your mind is […]