Undulating Perspective

Funny how quickly an outlook can change. As with most people, I imagine, depending on how much sleep I’ve had, how much exercise I’ve gotten, my blood sugar level, how many hugs I’ve recently received, how long I’ve listened to crying that day, the stress levels of my loved ones, etc. etc., my perspective on life sways wildly on the […]


Bit of a tough day today. I guess no first-time parents get everything right.  We love our children to pieces and want them to be happy, so I believe almost everything we do with them is well-intentioned.  But then, sometimes what the Baby Whisperer would call “Accidental Parenting” comes into play. E is five months old, and he has always […]

Actually, it's November 8th. Today.

I don’t know why, but my blog records all my posts as a day later than they actually are.  Like somehow I can see into the future?  Write the future?  (“It’s like I have ESPN or something!”) So today is November 8th, and my little baby (“E”) is five months old.  Already!  And he truly is the best, most cutest, […]

Hee hee…

Secret’s out! That is to say, my lovely blogtacular sister knows I have a blog, because I commented on her blog while (b)logged in as my blogself.  And then she wrote about it on Facebook, so who knows who will know next?? Funny, because I was already thinking about writing today about how I’m not good at keeping secrets.  I […]

NaBloPoMo, NaNoWriMo. (DoWiSeTrePla?)

How auspicious!  I have started blogging, just by coincidence, during NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month.  All I have to do is blog every day… no problem!  (Way easier than if I had to jog every day.  I am just not a runner.)  Of course, I missed a couple days there, but I can do some extras on the end, right?  […]

Dilovely's Little List of Goals

I’m enjoying this.  I enjoy that I don’t need preamble or continuity to write in my Bloggy Blog.  No constraints on length or level of awesomeness. (When my sister started her blog and left for Europe, I discovered that my baby son gives big smiles when you say “Blogblogblogblogblog.”) What was my topic again? Oh right.  Since I am so […]

A few of today's thoughts

It occurs to me that I might seem conceited to choose the user name dilovely.  I wanted to emphasize the love part, since I’m very aware of love, and like to make sure people hear about it when I love them.  Okay? Wait, why do I care if the ether thinks I’m conceited?  Shoot, I guess even in this anonymous […]

What a healthy fad this is.

I’m just realizing something as I think about writing a blog for the first time. Everyone out there who has decided to write a blog is journalling. And that’s great! I’m like Oprah. (Okay, I’m not really much like Oprah at all, but go with it.) I always recommend writing what you’re thinking or feeling, especially when your mind is […]