Good Books

Praise for several books read by the Guelph Gang Book Club, from Dilovely, WordPress: (… and I’m gonna go ahead and use silly words like compelling and utterly luminous if I want, just know that if I say them, I mean them…) The Time-Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger: “Romantic, heart-breaking, and great exercise for the brain.” Water for Elephants by […]

The Solids Odyssey

He must be ready – all the signs are there. He watches the journey from fork/bowl/fingers/spoon to mouth, he reaches for it and grabs if he can.  Everything he grabs, he directs straight for his mouth.  He is even distracted from breastfeeding by this.  The other day he suddenly stuck his hand right in my bowl of curried rice and […]

Friends Are Nice

The Grand Opening Pampered Chef cooking show was a success!  That is to say, people came, we chatted, we made food, we used fun tools, guests bought products, and the Three-Cheese Garden Pizza was delicious.  Thanks everyone, for attending, and for your kind wishes! Being a consultant is going to involve a significant learning curve, because of little details.  Things […]

Mish Mash Belly Bash

The show was a great success!  We danced our hearts out, any costume malfunctions were minimal, everyone got to their places on time, and we all had fun.  And the drum choreography was a total hit. Plus, E was an absolute angel.  I mean, he’s always an angel, but this was even when faced with lots of new people, longer […]


2 days I’ve missed blogging (but I shall atone!!  by doing extras… in a few days) 1 day until the belly dance show 3 numbers I’m performing in 3 costumes I’m pulling together 6 (or so) hours of group rehearsal this week 28 colour number of “nutmeg”, on a box containing… 3 bottles/steps my sister used to dye my hair […]

A Letter to Galen Weston, Jr.

Dear Mr. Weston, I am writing to you to let you know how much I appreciate your company.  Perhaps you get lots of letters like this; it wouldn’t surprise me, since in your commercials you seem like a very nice, approachable guy, someone who might even read letters from random people.  (Good job on those ads, by the way – […]

What would you do?

Here’s my real post for today. This evening I walked out onto the street after dance practice and headed for the parking lot.  This meant walking through a crowd of people outside the church, which I think has a drop-in centre associated with it. The crowd had been there, just hanging out, when I’d arrived, but right now they were […]

Well, shoot.

Now I’m all grumpy. I just logged in to find that the post I spent a long time writing yesterday I somehow neglected to publish… and then when I went to get it, less than half of it was there.  Now I don’t feel like writing the rest of it again – that post has passed.  So let it be […]

words for my guys

dearest baby mine my mama heart is captured by your tiny teeth *** wonderful husband as father you shine double in your son-mirror *** together mornings wake with sunshine in our eyes Snuggles family. *** Related Posts:A Very Special One-Year-Old and His MomHappy Second Birthday, Rainbow BabyHappiness and the Multi-multi-multi-tasking BrainHaiku About my KidsJourney to the two-child* family