Hats Off to my Grandmas and Grandpas

I am presently reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – a novel.  I am not far along, but already I have found myself thinking of my grandparents, and all the women and men of their generation, and shaking my head in amazement. This book is set in the U.K., shortly after the end of World War II.  […]

Why I Love David Francey

He is a folk singer, so he sings simple, heartfelt tunes with pickety guitar accompaniment that remind me of my family and other good people. He is Canadian, so we get to be proud of him, and he mentions places like Calgary in his songs. He is also Scottish, and sings with an audible accent.  (Mmmmm, delicious.) His voice  manages […]

On Being Canadian

Last night, as per my date plans, I attended a “lecture” On Being Canadian by John Ralston Saul with my hubby (after a delicious and wonderfully uninterrupted, if slightly rushed, sushi dinner).  I say “lecture” because his style isn’t at all professorial, preachy, or read-y… but more on that later. It must be mentioned that before he took the stage, […]

Random (some important, some not) Items

E is six months old today!  He remains the cutest baby in the world.  In fact, a guest at my first official “away” Pampered Chef party (chez ma soeur) said to me, “You have the cutest baby!”  I told her I agree, but I’m biased, and she said, “Feel good thinking that!  He really is the cutest.” In honour of […]


Remember how when you were a kid, certain things about being grown-up just seemed incredibly cool?  Well, I don’t know if that’s true for everyone, but for me it was.  There were many little things I really looked forward to achieving.  Sometimes I like to remind myself of those things, because I’ve achieved so many of them… and this has […]


I’ve been asked, with regard to the happy/greedy sighs that E makes while having a particularly good feed, “how do you keep your love from splooshing you away?” I think I may have given this simple answer at the time, and it’s still true: I don’t. I get splooshed away every single day.  My husband and I were warned, before […]

A Nice Day

It’s been a really nice day. It was mild and kinda sunny, with a balmy breeze.  I would not have approved of this twenty years ago, because I would have been clamouring for snow, but right now I’m okay with it. My hubby had a day off, so we had croissants for breakfast and played a bit of cribbage.  We […]

In Honour of December 1st

I’m going to write a little blog post for this day, even though it’s not December 1st, not in real life, much less blogland. It’s the beginning of Advent.  That was a really big deal that year I worked at a Catholic school – we had a liturgy that day, and every week in December. When I was little, it […]

Shiny Happy Homes

When I was a kid, I spent many hours making drawings of my “dream room”.  Items were numbered, with a corresponding list below of the cool features, such as canopy bed with fort capabilities, large highly organized desk space with own computer and journals and art supplies galore, own telephone, own television, door to own balcony, walk-in closet/club headquarters, and […]

Solid Sunday

We did it! A special trip out was made from my parents’ house, specifically to purchase baby rice cereal.  (Apparently Heinz has bought the Pablum name, because this box of deliciousness affiliated itself with both.)  I know I said avocado, but I guess I’m just more comfortable with tradition – almost everyone says to start with the rice cereal, so […]