Thinking About Haiti

I think about you, and I know I cannot fully understand.  I can’t get it. One minute, you’re a tropical paradise, jewel of the Antilles, the next, you’re a pile of rubble.  You don’t deserve to be this. What can I do?  I can send dollars, but that won’t bring back the people and places that make up your home. […]

Baby Bits V

Sometimes I have Mommy Flash-Forwards. Today is the first day I deliberately got stern with E, because we were trying to have lunch and he decided that his newly re-found raspberry-blowing skills would go nicely with eating solids.  Of course, he picked the magenta food to distribute in a fine spray all over his environs.  I assume he wasn’t being […]

Baby Bits IV

What a day today!  E had: Long, awesome naps (like yesterday’s – exactly coinciding with the increased calories… hmmm). LOTS of rolling – especially after he was supposed to be asleep but was too excited – he would roll to the edge of the couch and his auntie would patiently scootch him back, like a conveyor belt. Plenty of screeching […]

Baby Barfs – I mean, Baby Bits III

Landmark day: E’s first projectile vomiting of solids!  Woo hoo! He did seem to be eating an awful lot for dinner, but he has been doing so well with this that we didn’t think anything of it.  Mashed peas and potatoes with a bit of canola oil (we realized a couple nights ago that he should be getting more fat […]

Seven Months Old

I cannot believe how time is flying! When I look back at the photos and videos of my baby E from a few short months ago, I am amazed at how much he’s changed.  It is both heartbreaking and exhilarating. He is so full of life and fun, and I am so blessed to be in his presence every day.  […]

Baby Bits II – A Holiday Flashback

There once was a baby from Guelph Whose mom dressed him up like an elf He looked so darn cute In his Christmasy suit That he smiled in spite of himself! Related Posts:A Very Special One-Year-Old and His MomHappy Second Birthday, Rainbow BabyToddler Tracks: Baby AB and the Snackalicious JourneyToddler Tracks: Baby AB and the Power of ToddlingA Special Anniversary

New Year's Resolutions

I don’t traditionally do New Year’s Resolutions. Usually there’s at least one person a year who asks me what mine are, and most of the time I haven’t thought about it.  This is not because I don’t think I have plenty of room to improve myself and my ways of doing things – au contraire.  The fact is, I am […]

Baby Bits I

E has a newish habit of biting noses.  You think you’re just playing with him, bouncing him on your lap or whatever, and suddenly he’s coming at you with mouth wide open, and before you know it your nose is covered in baby goober. I find it hilarious, love watching him become one-eyed monster baby, so I let him do […]

A Few Holiday Highlights

I know it’s super-late for this, but too bad.  It’s my blog and I didn’t get time in December… and technically, the twelve days of Christmas don’t end until January 6th.  Here we go. I love the Christmas season. When I was little, I of course got deliriously excited about Santa Claus and presents.  And I loved carolling and doing […]

Happy New Year!

2010 is going to be great.  You know how I know?  Waking up (not the first time, or any middle times, but the last time) to tiny fingers sorta tickling my shoulder… rolling my head around and opening my eyes to see E’s upside-down smile, and his gorgeous eyes looking into mine.  It’s just perfect. Also, going to dinner last […]