It’s November 29th and pouring outside. Time to LMAO and ROFL.

Yessir, it’s a gloomy, soaking day here. The students were inside for TWO recesses in a row, which never makes for an easy day. It’s still a long way to Christmas – in fact, it’s still a long way to the weekend. And as is so often the case, my shoulder muscles are like a game of cats’ cradle gone horribly wrong. I need a good laugh. How about you?

I love funny stuff, like everyone else in the world, but I don’t always laugh out loud, even if I’m enjoying the humour. Here are five things that break that barrier for me between smiling appreciatively and actually LOLing.

1. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Shorts. The MST3K dudes take short public service films from the 1950s and add their own commentary. SO GREAT. Here’s the classic Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm – but honestly, you should watch them all. They are ALL hilarious, and eminently quotable.

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BANG Movie Review: Footloose (the remake) Meets Reality

It’s a classic: twinkle-toes city boy arrives in small town USA where the kids aren’t allowed to dance, and makes it his mission to get the bylaw changed – and win the heart of the preacher’s daughter.

When we first saw the trailer for the new Footloose movie, Sean asked, “Why do they need to remake this movie?” I wondered the same thing: the original Kevin Bacon classic has stood the test of time admirably. But since almost every movie made these days is a remake or a book adaptation, I guess they had to get to this one eventually. Even though the dancing in the trailer made me raise my eyebrows, I knew I would see it sooner or later.


Turned out to be sooner. I had a mini-meltdown on Saturday morning, having done my best to pick up the slack that week, as my husband went to hospital unexpectedly for the better part of three days – to have a procedure done that would require him to go back and forth to the hospital each subsequent day while his wound heals. I was thrilled that Sean’s medical issue was minor (it’s hard not to imagine the worst), but the stress was getting to me. And, it must be admitted, I had ignored my crying quota for a bit too long. Sean, recognizing my need to do something stressless, actually told me, “You and Skye should go see a movie today.”

Hence, Footloose. A fun, escapist flick. Right? I enjoy (and own) the original, in all its cheese and semi-accidental profundity. And frankly, I dig any movie that celebrates humanity’s need to get its groove on.


If you are also a fan, you will find that the new Footloose pays homage to the 1984 version at every turn (so to speak) – and WE KNOW, because when we got back to my house that same day, we watched the DVD:

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