Let’s put some deeper education into Earth Day

Happy Litter-Picking Day! I say this with one part sincerity and one part facetiousness. Litter is the thing we all – especially those of us who work with kids – can easily dive into on Earth Day. It’s a nice, manageable, do-something-able topic. And don’t get me wrong, litter is a super-stupid phenomenon that drives Read More

Ladders from Dark Places

This past Thursday, October 10th, was World Mental Health Day. Please, let’s talk. Mental health, or lack thereof, is a subject very close to my heart. Several people who share my blood have struggled with depression and similar mental illnesses. So has my husband. In fact, my Hubbibi was suffering from depression when we first Read More

Non-Expert Thoughts on The Avengers

This is not an actual review, since I only (finally) saw The Avengers the other night, when all the true fans are on their second viewing (at least). Everybody who cares about superheroes and comic book lore already knows it’s the best movie in its genre and that Joss Whedon is a freakin’ genius. So Read More

What makes mothers?

It’s interesting, the things that kindergartners say about their mothers. I recently overheard a fragment of conversation at kindergarten snacktime, involving one of the kids I like to call “pop-up children” (teachers, you know the ones I’m talking about). This is what I heard: “…and then she punched me! In the face! My mom!” Wise Read More

Committing Your Heart: please share your wisdom

There’s this couple I know who’s going through a rough time. I love them dearly, and more importantly, they love each other – they have for years. They are one of the best, cutest teams I know. But right now, there’s heartbreak. One half of this couple looks forward to a future of happiness together, Read More

The Hunger Games and the Tough Questions

Okay, folks. If you haven’t read Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games, stop reading this silly old blog RIGHT NOW and go read it. I’m not kidding. Go. If you HAVE read The Hunger Games, then you know. I’m sure there must be people out there who didn’t like the series (and guaranteed there are people Read More

Dilovely’s Playlist: 25 Legendary Canadian Songs (x2!)

Hey, beloved readers. Welcome to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)! In honour of this, and in accordance with tradition, I will be challenging myself to┬ápost something every day. (We shall see if I manage.) If you are totally sick of me by the end of November, I will have done my job. ­čÖé My first Read More

Requestion #5: Canadian Icons

In your estimation, who is the most famous Canadian in Canada today? I suppose Stephen Harper comes to mind… but I don’t know many Grade 2 kids who care about him. In Grade 2, the boys care about Sidney Crosby and the girls care about Avril Lavigne…but not vice-versa. It occurred to me the other Read More

Requestion #4: What book broke your heart?

What was the first book that broke your heart? I was inspired to ask this question by a friend who wrote on her Facebook status that her son came downstairs sobbing one night, because Charlotte’s Web broke his heart. It’s a very special and sad thing to go through, especially when you’re young, with that Read More

How do you recognize a baby’s first word?

E has been doing a lot of verbalizing recently. It’s sophisticated language, full of complicated syllables that seem quite significant, especially when accompanied by his earnest nodding. I can’t help but wonder what he’s saying – or if it’s like when you’re a kid and you write lines of scribbles because it looks like grown-up Read More