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Baby Bits XI

I wonder if this is a common problem. Apparently, I’ve got a baby with too many plans. As I write this, I feel quite sure this is a common problem. Tracy Hogg (the Baby Whisperer) even said so, and what a relief to see it in print: at this age, you just need to “ride out the inconsistencies”. We’ve basically […]

Eight Months Old – and one day

Dear E, Yesterday, you turned eight months old. You’re such a big, strong baby! Can’t believe we’re here already. You are transitioning out of your evening catnap, as I think I’ve mentioned, and your daytime naps have been shorter this past week. Too much business to get done to waste time sleeping, I guess. But yesterday you celebrated your eight […]

Baby Bits IX

Bedtime was a tough sell tonight. We are trying to figure out when to phase out the evening catnap, and since E has been resisting his catnap the last couple evenings, we thought maybe he’s telling us he’s done with that. Last night it worked okay, but tonight he just got all over-wiggly. Took quite a while and several different […]

Baby Bits VIII

What a lucky mama I am!  My baby: is generous – he now offers me his soother in between his own soothing needs, and seems genuinely delighted if I accept – so delighted that he’ll do this many times in a row; is talented – he can be holding and sucking on his duck (sounds like a euphemism but isn’t!) […]

Little Potty Adventures, a.k.a. Elimination Communication

For those of you wondering what we are doing putting our 7-month-old on the potty, allow me to explain. (I don’t really talk about this a lot with people because they invariably start out thinking it’s freakish: “You’re toilet training already??”  But once you explain, it makes a lot of sense.) Raise your hand if you’ve ever changed a diaper […]

Top Tens by Dilovely and Son

Top Ten Things Dilovely is stoked about this week (in random order): E in overalls.  I mean, seriously, can he get any cuter? Guelph’s Rainbow Chorus 15th anniversary concert last night.  Pretty songs, solid harmonies, vibrant colours, happy (gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and friends) people, community spirit out the wazoo.  Plus snacks.  Did you know Guelph is the only non-major-urban-centre […]

Baby Bits VII

Bébé E n’aime pas: the sound of breath whistling through a metal cylinder.  Sean was trying to dry out the column of his fountain pen by blowing through it after washing it today, and E started to cry.  He tried again a bit later, and the sound was so upsetting to E that Daddy had to go into the bedroom […]

Seven Months Old

I cannot believe how time is flying! When I look back at the photos and videos of my baby E from a few short months ago, I am amazed at how much he’s changed.  It is both heartbreaking and exhilarating. He is so full of life and fun, and I am so blessed to be in his presence every day.  […]

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