Sometimes I might get “poetic”… or just call upon someone else’s poetry…

A Romantic Story… Unfinished

Did you know that my daughter has been married for almost two months? She’s a romantic, but she needs no extravagant proposal. In fact, she doesn’t even need a groom. Back at the end of the summer, she drew the above picture on our white board, with great attention to details like rings and gloves and such. She told us […]

Pearls of Grade 3 Wisdom

I teach a group of Grade 3 French Immersion students English for 40 minutes a week. They are mostly a very sweet and funny group. We’ve been working on poetry, including a poem with a template called “I Am.” The first two words of each line are given, and then they fill in the rest. The results are sometimes predictable, […]

Antique Children’s Book, Part 1: Kitty, Polly Parrot, and Cubby Bear

We’re taking a break from Nerdy Mom for today, to introduce you to the Antique Children’s Book my parents found among their inherited things. It is surmised to be a book that belonged to my mom’s dad when he was a child, so it’s getting on towards a hundred years old. And it’s more than a hundred percent bizarre. This is […]

Possibly The Randomest Book You’ll Ever Read

On one of E’s earlier works, Daddy helped him with a short author bio in which it was conveyed that E’s goal is to make 100 books. He is barrelling toward this goal, let me tell you. He’s kind of obsessed with my stapler. Here’s a creation from this past week. I love how he’s unencumbered by the fetters of plot, theme, or common threads of […]

100 Happy Days + NaBloPoMo – Day 2: Super Mom

I did not have to wait long for the sequel! Dad is not the only Super one, folks. *** [ad name=”Med Rec”] *** Related Posts:NaBloPoMo Meets 100 Happy Days – Day 1Possibly The Randomest Book You’ll Ever Read100 Happy Days – Day 29: Love Art100 Happy Days – Day 23: Party at the Farm100 Happy Days – Day 22: Singing […]

NaBloPoMo Meets 100 Happy Days – Day 1

{Hi everyone! This is yesterday’s post. It was honestly ready to go on the appropriate day, but I have been having major technical difficulties with my blog. So I’m going to sneakily attempt back-publishing it – here’s hoping this silly post will actually post. And there will be Halloween photos – but the technical difficulties extended even unto those, so they […]

A Prayer for Your Family

Seven years ago, in my second year of teaching, I taught at a Catholic elementary school. I’m not Catholic, but French teachers are often in short supply, and I was in no position to be picky about jobs. Sometimes I was a bit uncomfortable being a Quaker inside the Catholic bubble with all the unfamiliar liturgies and rituals, like on […]


Images dropping before my mind’s eye like slides: lockdown drills suddenly in sharp focus, children huddling with their backs against the wall, invisible to an intruder, teachers shushing them and hoping they’d manage in a real emergency. Now there are real pictures. Children who will now always feel sick at the sound of a loud bang, who will always remember […]

Haiku About my Kids

I am not a poet. Still, sometimes life seems a bit more manageable with a prescribed number of syllables, doesn’t it? *** Small furious boy growls and pounds the couch cushions his mind filled with NO. *** When a little guy endeavours to create art his tongue must stick out. *** Blue eyes gazing up cluster of balloons rising face […]

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