Foughts and Theelings

This category is inevitable – I’m a diarist, after all.


I’ve been asked, with regard to the happy/greedy sighs that E makes while having a particularly good feed, “how do you keep your love from splooshing you away?” I think I may have given this simple answer at the time, and it’s still true: I don’t. I get splooshed away every single day.  My husband and I were warned, before […]

In Honour of December 1st

I’m going to write a little blog post for this day, even though it’s not December 1st, not in real life, much less blogland. It’s the beginning of Advent.  That was a really big deal that year I worked at a Catholic school – we had a liturgy that day, and every week in December. When I was little, it […]

The Solids Odyssey

He must be ready – all the signs are there. He watches the journey from fork/bowl/fingers/spoon to mouth, he reaches for it and grabs if he can.  Everything he grabs, he directs straight for his mouth.  He is even distracted from breastfeeding by this.  The other day he suddenly stuck his hand right in my bowl of curried rice and […]

What would you do?

Here’s my real post for today. This evening I walked out onto the street after dance practice and headed for the parking lot.  This meant walking through a crowd of people outside the church, which I think has a drop-in centre associated with it. The crowd had been there, just hanging out, when I’d arrived, but right now they were […]

Well, shoot.

Now I’m all grumpy. I just logged in to find that the post I spent a long time writing yesterday I somehow neglected to publish… and then when I went to get it, less than half of it was there.  Now I don’t feel like writing the rest of it again – that post has passed.  So let it be […]

Undulating Perspective

Funny how quickly an outlook can change. As with most people, I imagine, depending on how much sleep I’ve had, how much exercise I’ve gotten, my blood sugar level, how many hugs I’ve recently received, how long I’ve listened to crying that day, the stress levels of my loved ones, etc. etc., my perspective on life sways wildly on the […]

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