Requestion #4: What book broke your heart?

What was the first book that broke your heart? I was inspired to ask this question by a friend who wrote on her Facebook status that her son came downstairs sobbing one night, because Charlotte’s Web broke his heart. It’s a very special and sad thing to go through, especially when you’re young, with that Read More

Why I Don’t Love a Total Stranger

I was brought up to believe, as Quakers do, that all people have Light inside them. Even the ones you don’t like. It’s an idea that I remind myself of pretty frequently, especially when teaching; in fact, it helps to go one step further and remind myself that people have reasons for being the way Read More

One Year Old

Dear E, Today you are one year old! At this time last year, we were still waiting for you to arrive, because you weren’t born until 9:23 p.m…. but you were worth the wait – and you were worth all the hard work I had to do. We fell in love with you the moment Read More

How to Turn a Bad Day Around

Did you wake up tired? Was it a bit too warm so your eyes were puffy and didn’t want to open? Did lack of sleep (or some other factor) make you feel like you couldn’t pour cereal, let alone care for a baby, clean house, look presentable, write a blog post, face work on Monday, Read More

From the Pages of Giant-Di: Waiting for Baby

Here’s what I was writing on Sunday, May 24th, just over a year ago. It’s late.  We’ve just come home from my parents’ house where we had a nice evening, beautiful weather, good supper.  It was so weird to think that most likely, the next time I visit there, it will be as a mom, Read More

First day back at work

It was pretty good. I enjoyed seeing the kids and my colleagues, and it was track-and-field day, so it was a nice laid-back chance to reintegrate. It’s the first time I’ve left a school and then come back to the same one, and I have to admit it was really nice being welcomed back to Read More


Technically, this would have been my first day of work, but since my principal was kind enough to condense my schedule, I will only be going in three days a week for now. It’s hot today. It’s surreal to think I’ll be at school tomorrow. It will be REALLY hot at school. Top floor, 90-year-old Read More

My Least Favourite Parenting Question

Okay, folks. Don’t take this as an accusation if you’ve ever asked this question of a parent – I may have asked it myself before becoming one… but please, don’t ask me if my baby is sleeping through the night. I know why people ask: they want to inquire about how things are going, out Read More

Highlights of a Weekend at Camp

I was clerking spring Committee Meeting at Camp NeeKauNis this weekend, and other than lack of sleep on Friday night (I never sleep well my first night in a strange bed), it was full of those moments I relish: Getting hugs from people I love and don’t see often enough; Business meeting going so smoothly Read More

Eleven Months Old

Dear E, This is your last monthiversary before I go back to work – I’ll have a full day of work on your birthday. 🙁 But today, you are eleven months old and you are a wonderful little person! You are growing and learning so fast it’s mind-boggling. Just in the last couple weeks, you Read More