Baby AB’s Fashion Blog

Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #2: “Paris Daisy”

Today on Baby AB’s Fashion Blog, we feature an absolutely fabulous sweater, handmade by a lovely expert-knitter friend (who also happens to be Skye’s mom). This ensemble comes from November. I dressed Baby AB for her six-week photopost and propped her up so it would look sorta like she was sitting. She was just barely starting to be smiley. I […]

Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #1: “Brownie Points”

Last week, I was having one of those all-too-common underslept/overwhelmed days, wondering if I would ever see my kitchen counter again. It was a beautiful, warm day, though I couldn’t really appreciate it. On impulse, I opened up one of the bags of summer hand-me-downs for Baby A, since she’s constantly outgrowing things and was running short on clothes. (Thank […]

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