To contain my terminologisms, such as…

BAM: By A Mom. (Me.)

BANG: By A Normal Gal. (Me again.)

Bébépourri: As a mom, it’s my prerogative to obsess about my progeny. As a French teacher (and student), I love French words, and I love playing with them as I do with English ones. I know “pourri” actually means rotten or corrupt, which babies are not… it just sounded good.

Bellyciousness: Thoughts about belly dancing. When you’re a belly dancer, your belly is automatically delicious.

Birdhouse: In our household, we refer to the internet as “The Birdhouse”. (It’s a long story.) Quaint, n’est-ce pas?

Bloggenesis: How I became a blogger.

Discomposure: The name I originally thought would be super-cool when I someday had a critically-acclaimed music album… now used to designate the music I’ve had the gumption to share with you so far.

Di-hards: You, who read even when the reading gets tough. You make my day, and I am so thankful for you.

Dilovely: (noun) Me, a.k.a. Diana. But also (adjective) you, for being here (see above). And also… Mitzi and Donald.

Dreambition: hopes for the future, whether rational or absurd, about anything from career to the organization of kitchen cupboards.

GGG: Guelph Gang of Girls (a.k.a. the book club).

Hubbibi: a Middle Eastern nod to my wonderful spouse. As most belly dancers know, “habibi” means “beloved” in Arabic.

Mini-Di: Dilovely, way before she was Dilovely. Back when she was short or innocent or both, and still had time to write by hand, with a pen, in her diary.

MOTL: More On That Later. I’ll try to remember to link back when I follow up on a topic, in whatever post that may be.

Nostalgiapalooza: where I get sentimental about times gone by – usually featuring Mini-Di.

Playlistry: I take my music mixes very seriously. It’s a form of art.

Requestions: When I humbly request your response to a question – I’m serious. I really hope you’ll comment.

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