My Laminated List, Part I

Today, while eating dinner, we were watching Knocked Up, starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl. We were commenting – Sean, Auntie Em, and I – on Katherine’s gorgeousness, and Sean mentioned, “Yeah, she might be on my list.” So I think it’s time to get this one out in the open. The “laminated list” from Read More

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and Canadian Pride

I know the Olympics in Vancouver have been over for a long time. I’m gonna write about them anyway because it’s MY blog… and people are still talking about it regardless. And the Paralympics are still to come! Plus, I’ve now gone through a grand Olympic struggle to get this post up… working on it Read More

Random News

As of yesterday, March 1st, 2010, two new teeth were noticeable in E’s mouth! Lower right outer incisor, upper left front (as it turns out, the first one he cut on the top was not right in front, but off to the side). Good story, eh? I am writing a big post about the Olympics, Read More

Baby Bits XII

Latest BEST TOY EVER: The Booger-Sucker. A few squirts of air in the face from the nasal aspirator can transform E instantaneously from a grumpy, crying baby to a euphoric, laughing baby – you won’t believe your eyes, folks! I’m hoping to catch this phenomenon on video very soon. This is a great discovery, since Read More

Taking the Elephant by the Tusks Before it's in the Room

Hello, dear readers, I apologize for my absence the last few days. I am in the process of a sea-blog-change. As the end of my maternity leave creeps closer, I am wishing more and more fervently that I could only go back to work part-time (or, since I’m wishing, how about not at all?). I Read More

What a Festrogabulous Idea!

Yesterday I attended my first official clothing exchange party. It was smashing! (The good kind.) Now, read on, and see if you can guess what that big F-word up there means. I’ve been at events where clothing was exchanged, but this was hard-core. A belly dancer friend of mine invited me – and I guess Read More

A Totally Random Question

Have you ever had a baby upchuck almost his entire carefully homemade dinner because of an immature gag reflex, and upon observing the warm, still-very-fresh food that looks exactly like it did on the way in, fleetingly think, I could just re-feed him this! I haven’t, not me. No sirree. But if you did, don’t Read More

BANG Movie Review – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Review By A Normal Gal I know many many people have already seen this film, since it was in theatres forever, but I don’t get out much. Oh well. Here’s what I liked: Robert Downey, Jr. as Sherlock. Yum (and I’m not usually into “older” movie stars… but wait, he’s only 13 years Read More

Traduction anglaise

I was thinking perhaps I should provide a translation of these Valentine verses (especially since my hubby and prime Valentine has great mastery of only certain words in French), and then I had an idea for an experiment. How about I try my hand at translating… and then let the InterWeb have a go… and Read More

Baby Bits XI

I wonder if this is a common problem. Apparently, I’ve got a baby with too many plans. As I write this, I feel quite sure this is a common problem. Tracy Hogg (the Baby Whisperer) even said so, and what a relief to see it in print: at this age, you just need to “ride Read More