I began this blog as a creative outlet during my first maternity leave. Since then, it has become a place to process, contemplate, grieve, celebrate, and connect.

I am a treaty partner, living in Treaty 3 (Between-the-Lakes) territory.

My pronouns are she/her (elle).

Things I do (besides write):

Spend time with my family (my husband and I have a son [b. 2009], a stillborn son [b. 2011] and a daughter [b. 2012]), extended family, and friends.

Teach small children (Gr.1-6) – most often French, Music, Dance, and Drama.

Dance, read, make and eat plant-based food, collect birth stories, walk/hike, sit in silence, play (and occasionally create) music, play table games, make playlists, draw and colour, listen to the CBC, do jigsaw puzzles. (This optimistic list does not reflect the much greater amount of time I spend doing boring things that help keep a household running.)

I’ve been known to geek out about such things as words/language, Harry Potter, musicals, James McAvoy, waffles, and trivia.

Thanks for coming. I would be thrilled and honoured if you would consider subscribing and/or following this blog (see sidebar), so you’ll know right away when there’s a new post. And you are always welcome to share posts you read on It’s Dilovely!



If you would like to contact me outside the comment section, please feel free to email me at itsdilovely [at] gmail [dot] com.


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  1. Helen says:

    I forget to read your blog for months at a time, then I lose myself in postings, following links, learning in retrospect about your life, so I decided I better subscribe, so I can keep up.

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