My American Peeps – Gratitude Day 26

Tonight, I am grateful for my American relatives and friends. Honestly, they are some of the best, funniest, thoughtfulest, interestingest, intelligentest, loveliest people I know.

I am so thankful to know them, and for the fact they have so far managed to stay safe and well. I am grateful that they will no longer have to live under the bullsh*t administration of the orange monster.

And I wish them a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope it has been warm and festive, even in this poop-gala of a year.

I am also thankful that my American brother-in-law is here, and that we got to help him celebrate (he provided a most amazing panoply of food). And I’m glad he can Zoom-chat with his faraway American family on a regular basis, especially on Thanksgiving.

Vegetarian delights!


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