Those Little Moments – Gratitude Day 18

Today when I walked into my house after work, I could tell that that guy I love made that food I love because it smelled so good in here. It kinda made my day. (He’s on evening shifts this week, so most of the time we only overlap at home when one or both of us is sleeping.)

At work, there were multiple incidences of students who made me laugh out loud, just being their quirky selves. And a couple of kindergarteners who said such sweet things it was hard not to hug them.

It was also quite chilly weather, and I wore a giant sweater that looks legit but almost makes me feel like I’m at home in my bathrobe.

And I know that when I pick up my kids as I did today from their after-school care person, who is also a good friend, (barring commotion) there will be a high-quality mom-chat of whatever length of time we have.

The kids and I have been singing this song for a couple of days and it’s awesome hearing them put their all into it. (I played it for them on a whim because King George from Hamilton = Kristoff from Frozen.)

I just bought our first box of clementines of the season, and they’re wonderful.

These are the kinds of little moments that make life good. I’m grateful for all of them.


5 thoughts on “Those Little Moments – Gratitude Day 18

  1. Beverly Shepard says:

    I bet that when you laugh out loud at something a quirky kid does or says, it makes that kid’s day! A moment s/he’d be grateful for if s/he was keeping track.

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Aw, I hope you’re right. I definitely find that it gets easier to laugh with the kids the older I get (and the more experienced I am at this job).

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