TGIF – Gratitude Day 6

Right now, I am very very grateful that it’s Friday, and three out of four of us can sleep in tomorrow. (Poor Sean is working overtime. Boo.) I don’t know about the rest of you on the North American continent, but this hasn’t been the greatest week for sleeping around here.

I am also grateful that the last votes coming in favour Biden. It’s looking a whole lot better than it did on Tuesday night, when my brain would not let go of the map of blue and red states… ugh. (Don’t watch horror news before you go to bed, kids.)

And I’m grateful that today we got up to 19C with sunshine – and tomorrow looks just as good! I’ll take any scraps of summer-ish weather I can get right now. (Remember Monday when we had snow?)

On nights like this, I am beyond grateful for my comfy bed. And my little Hooga reading light so my hubby can keep sleeping while I settle my brain. Now I’m gonna go get in that bed. Happy weekend!


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