Gratitude as Covid-Winter-Blues-Buster

It’s late already and I need to go to bed, but I thought I would just write a little something about gratitude. Every November I consider the few times I’ve done NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month, posting every day for 30 days) and think to myself, Could I do that again? And I answer myself NO.

But I recently read an article that encouraged writing a gratitude journal to combat the Covid-plus-winter depression that we’re all sure to feel to some degree or other. And then I read the kids’ school newsletter for November and it said the same thing: practice gratitude for mental health.

So today I’d like to say that I’m grateful for:

  • the health of my family – which I don’t take for granted these days;
  • the safe arrival of my big sis Emily and her newly transplanted hubby yesterday, after they’d traversed the US in all kinds of unfriendly weather – after also dealing with the chaos of packing/moving/selling a home… It’s AMAZING that they’re finally here!
  • the fact that we procrastinated on removing the kitchen peninsula from the formerly-and-again separate apartment that we’re grateful to have as part of our home, so that it’s easier for said sister and brother-in-law to quarantine here right with us but not WITH us;
  • our warm house and especially the fireplace, on the day of our first snow of the season (that stuck);
  • all the ways that people made Halloween fun in spite of so much uncertainty;
  • yesterday’s breathtaking full moon;

That is all I shall write. I also won’t overthink this writing. I also won’t include any pictures, because often that’s the difference between getting a blog post finished/published and NOT. Because it’s fiddly. I will ignore my official “Readability” and SEO scores, because WHO CARES. I’m beating away at those Covid blues, not trying to win any SEO awards (what a depressing thought).

I know I will feel more gratitude tomorrow – it’s one of my skills. So perhaps I will write something on November 2nd as well. After that… well, I won’t jinx it.

Please feel free to join me and share a gratitude comment! If you feel so moved. No pressure. 😛


11 thoughts on “Gratitude as Covid-Winter-Blues-Buster

  1. Hope says:

    Well, I guess I don’t have an SEO plugin installed so I always ignore that lol. I also never include pictures, ever. That’s because I’m totally blind though, so unless it’s a picture of me, and/or a picture someone close to me took, I can’t be 100% sure of what I’m posting. Also sometimes they don’t make it up there.

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Haha, good for you – I don’t know what my SEO plugin has ever actually done for me. And I can see from your blog that you have lots of Audio stuff to share, so who needs pictures? Good luck this month!

      • Hope says:

        I used to run with one installed, but man it took forever just to get the posts up so I got rid of it. I should record more stuff on Anchor. It would be nice if there was a WP RSS widget, no not one of those RSS importer plugins that lets you import feed items as posts, just a widget that lets you add a feed to your sidebar. My Anchor page has a feed.

  2. Beverly Shepard says:

    Except for Hallowe’en fun, which doesn’t apply out here in the country, I’m grateful for all those things, too. Plus I’m grateful for the trees, which have been glorious this autumn and are now nearly bare, but still beautiful with their minimalist architecture and graceful swaying in the seasonal winds coming up at this time of year. Plus I’m grateful that I had the super mom I had, and today is her birthday, so I’m thinking of her especially (though I do every day).

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Great stuff! I’m also grateful for trees, all the time. And for your super mom! I’m glad I have so many great memories of her, even though we lived far apart for so long.

  3. Auntie CL says:

    I, too, am grateful for the things you mention (including Hallowe’en, which is never significant at our house, but which matters to lots of those I love), and I acknowledge that we cannot take for granted many things which we used to.
    I, too, am grateful for the very same super mom mentioned by Bev and Di, and for her legacy of gratitude and positive attitude in general.
    Really glad E&A made it safely, and have a snug, safe, friendly place to quarantine. Whew!
    I am grateful for my own and my partner’s safety, and that of all my loved ones both sides of the border — a border which is no longer insignificant.
    I love you, DI, and thanks for this!

  4. Helen says:

    I’m (belatedly) grateful that you decided to do this. I keep seeing the emails pop up in my inbox about your new gratitude posts, so today, with nothing happening at work, I decided to look back and see where it all started.
    And now to read forward!
    Helen recently posted..Hitting the CravingMy Profile

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