Nerdy Mom Plays With Kids’ Toys, Vol. 6 – Tender Moments

Happy Friday, lovely di-hards!

Minnie and the Sea Dragon

Minnie could never have guessed that being lost at sea would result in a very special connection with a misunderstood sea “monster”. After all, he’s really just a creature looking for love, like you and me (but more scaly).

Little Bear’s Rescue

Sometimes, if an orphaned mini counting-bear comes along at the right point in a mama Bakugan-dragon’s life, she will take the cub and raise it as her own. This mother is seen grooming her cub as if he were her own Baku-spawn.

Love for Planet Earth

The green aliens came to Earth for a reason. It really is just a darn lovable place. Makes you want to give it a big smooch. (Canada especially.)



8 thoughts on “Nerdy Mom Plays With Kids’ Toys, Vol. 6 – Tender Moments

  1. Mama says:

    Well, I said I used to do this, but I wasn’t this creative. I just played with kids’ toys sometimes. Blocks. Lego. Other building toys — Canadian Logs, for instance. A wooden train track with train. Sometimes it started because I was playing with one of you children and the child lost interest before I did, but sometimes I just found that sort of thing lying around the family room and I played before putting it away. There probably wasn’t anything picture-worthy about it.

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