Nerdy Mom Plays With Kids’ Toys, Vol. 4 – Relationships

We all know from Toy Story that these characters don’t just lie still in the dark. They get up, have adventures, bond, and then cleverly put themselves back in a “just-got-dropped-here” position. Some of these friends have really become close over the years.

Mooshroom and Farm Cow know they’re different, but they’re kindred spirits too.


In an alternate universe, Anakin knows the soothing companionship of baby Theo Hoppingood. They tell each other everything and understand the value of cuddling.


Math Robot and The Penguin are good buds, fist-bump-style.


Rance Handsome and Roy Savage enjoy a quiet evening at home with Snowy, discussing the ins and outs of interior design and dump truck maintenance.




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