Nerdy Mom Plays With Kids’ Toys, Vol. 3: Romance

Romance is in the air in our rec room! Today’s post is extra-nerdy, and kinda inappropriate.

{I do have quite a few of these photos to help get me through the month… And also because once you start seeing the possibilities, making toy portraits is rather addictive. But I promise to write something worth reading occasionally too.}

Mulan was pretty sure Surfer Garfield wouldn’t bring honour to her family… but she couldn’t deny a flicker of interest.


Lord Garmadon had never felt butterflies like this before. He couldn’t believe she would grant him this dance. Ariel, on the other hand, was a bit weirded out by the sinister dude grasping her skirts.


We thought Prince Hans was a sociopath, but he really just needed the love of a good woman like Yamuna to awaken him to romance.



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