Happy Spring?

Hi lovelies,

It’s spring! Ha ha. Here in our city, we’ve had over 20 cm of snow this week. A few nights ago, we had a cozy wood fire in our fireplace (it’s finally drawing properly!), which was great but distinctly un-springy. ‘Twas the weather Christmas forgot to have. And then today… it was just muck falling from the sky.

Since the official start of spring, it has been weird around here. The weather is only part of it; poor E also got sick over Easter weekend with what I think was probably the flu – but it knocked him out for the better part of six days, which is very unusual for him. He slept so much that I barely saw him, and hardly ate a thing. He’s normally a pale kid, but he became positively ghostly.

This past season has been brutal for sickness, at least in our area. Teachers and students have been absent in what I’m sure are record numbers, and not just with the usual colds and stomach bugs. Lots of strep throat and pneumonia.

Between the maladies and the weather, I get a rather apocalyptic feeling. As if someday, the further-evolved survivors of our species will look back on this time period and shake their heads, intoning sorrowfully, “Hardly any of them saw it coming… They tried to warn the others, but nobody would listen…”

I know, I’m a ball of sunshine. Presumptuously morose for someone who hasn’t written anything worth posting in more than a month.

tiny pig
This should do it.

Okay. Let’s lighten it up with some gratitude. Inspired by my friend H who is blogging happiness this year.

I’m currently grateful for:

  • E being back to normal, finally;
  • the school board-wide shutdown (due to ice!) on the first day E was sick so I could stay home with him;
  • my sisters and parents who have all helped so much where child care is concerned, especially in recent months;
  • my cat remembering (again) where he’s supposed to do his business;
  • having thoroughly cleaned and organized the basement rec room over the March break – it’s now so much easier to tidy up and SO much more fun to play in;
  • our “new” house slowly but surely becoming easier to live in as we organize, donate, and (re)arrange;
  • the springy weather we have had so far – because there were (once upon a time) some beautiful days that keep a body going even when the polar vortex follows;
  • gradually developing more productive habits – Sean and I are finally using our charts! Kind of… well, we are getting there;
  • getting ready for a family reunion in less than two weeks!!
  • AB bringing up the topic of gratitude at the dinner table the other night, asking if we could “play that game” where we tell each other what we “love about”;
  • my dear friend Skye who always notices when I’m not blogging and gently kicks my butt because she knows (better than I do, apparently) that it’s important.

So. You haven’t read the last of me. Thanks, as always, for reading. xoxo



2 thoughts on “Happy Spring?

  1. Mama says:

    Totally agree about the weather. But I have to admit that the day after the big snowfall at the start of the week I went walking through the woods and I really didn’t mind the snow. It was beautiful, and though it felt sort of out of place in early April, it was still lovely to see and just pleasantly challenging to walk through. Still, I could use some more warm weather and lack of boots/mitts/scarves/padded coats!

    You may also be grateful for the apparently endless and far-reaching intellectual curiosity of your kids! It was very much on display yesterday as we looked at the “100 greatest owl pictures you’ll ever see” and A was trying to scroll through quickly to show E her particular favourites (“Look! This one is a baby — you can tell by its really fluffy feathers! And this one is a barn owl — see its flat face?” etc.) and Everett was saying, “Wait, wait, wait! I want to read this caption!” (He was only thwarted by “melodiousness” and “imperturbability”.)

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      I liked the snow when it first fell, too, in spite of myself. But yesterday it was just… so bitter, so un-pretty, so slippery and blah. And when snow = soaked smelly boots on the vent + taking twice as long to get ready due to snow pants… one is ready for it to be over.

      You’re right, I am grateful for the curiosity! And the enthusiasm, and the sheer beauty of the wonderment. Can’t wait to see the owls myself!

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