100 Happy Days – Day 32: Woolly Rainbow

Auntie Emi is a knitter. Today she made me and AB all excited by showing us the dozen different balls of washable wool she’d just ordered from KnitPicks. They emerged from her bag one by one, each colour more splendid than the last.

Even though I’m not a knitter or a crocheter, yarn makes me happy. And you already know that I deeply love rainbows, so I had to put them in order. Ahhhh. SO SATISFYING.

knitpicks rainbow
AB is my two-year-old Vanna.



Right? HAPPY.



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4 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 32: Woolly Rainbow

  1. emerge says:

    Oh yeah, Anna! I guess yarn is my new pencil crayons.

    Di, I bet you didn’t know that Vanna is a crocheter! She has her own line of yarns and products. !

    When we got home with Ev, I said “go look on the kitchen table” and he said “A rainbow of bofers!” I was pleased he still remembered that from his early days. Then commenced a period of two young people bofing each other and throwing yarn balls around the house.

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