100 Happy Days – Day 21: Uncomplicated Indoor Fun

Is it awful that I took the kids out for sledding today and kinda sorta hated it?

Snow trompin’.

It was a sunny day but our park has no shelter and is very windy. We were all cold, especially AB because, against the odds, she had snow up her snow pants right away; E had to groom the sledding hill himself because it had not been broken in by other sledders (which meant he alternated between pure joy and abject frustration); AB furiously insisted on going on the swings, right after saying she had to pee, so… STRESS. There was plenty of screeching, for various reasons. I’m all for fresh air and tromping around in snow… and yet, it’s not always as fun as you think it should be.

So! Here’s to playing INDOORS! Yay.

Play Doh
It’s the CN tower!! (Right?) I totally love Play Doh IN the containers. Perfect.
E made this multimedia palace with his Auntie Em this morning (PA day). It’s intricate – but I still classify it Uncomplicated Fun.

Ahh. Good times.



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3 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 21: Uncomplicated Indoor Fun

  1. emerge says:

    Aw, I’m sorry sledding was not fun! Well, I guess it was the warmup after all. Good thing you didn’t go further from home.

    Here’s to uncomplicated cozy fun!

    This morning we did a thing where I lay on the floor, put a child on my legs, propped on my feet, and flew them up in the air. I brought this on myself by mentioning that I had done that with E a lot when he was small; somehow this resulted in two not-as-small people thinking this had to happen to them right away. I probably would be really buff if I did that every day. The smaller person in particular really liked it.

  2. Mama says:

    Fresh air and outdoor exercise at this time of year can also be jazzed up with frostbite, so there are sound parental reasons for cozy indoor fun! I’m amazed, though, that the slope hadn’t been sledded on yet. It’s like the one you grew up with: not too steep or too high, so it’s easy to trudge up, but with a LO-O-O-NG almost level area at the bottom that gives you a good ride, if not a totally exciting one. Good for E for persevering despite the frustration part.

    I love the tower and the tower-maker AND the multi-media production!

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