100 Happy Days – Day 20: My Hubbibi, among other things

Lots of happy things today!

I should mention that one of them is: my blog is working!!! Almost basically back to normal! YAHOO! (Big thanks to my dad for helping and putting up with lots of rigamarole regarding my blog issues.) So now I’m looking forward to backdating the happy days I’ve stored up AS WELL AS posting new ones.

Then we have my Hubbibi, who magically procured groceries at some insanely late hour last night or early hour this morning (he works at 7 am) because we had somehow gotten ourselves into a situation of almost-lunchlessness for our son.

Plus, he’s cleaned the kitchen for the last two evenings in a row, and when my husband cleans the kitchen… it’s lick-the-counter clean, baby. (Not to be confused with “lick the counter clean,” which he does not do. Gross.)

AND he brushed off the car for me before he left this morning, which was a blessing, because SNOW and ICE are apparently all the rage. (I love you, Sean! xoxoxoxox)

Ha ha. Those are our snow tires in the corner. A li’l bit of irony for ya.

Then, also, there’s been sunshine on snow today. That makes me happy in spite of snow pants and scraping windshields, because it’s just so pretty and sparkly and brilliant.


AND, you gotta be stoked if you’re not in Buffalo right now. (And if you are… my heart goes out to you.)



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2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 20: My Hubbibi, among other things

  1. Auntie CL says:

    Things I Usually Forget to be Grateful For # 7,368,136,938
    That i don’t live in Buffalo. Thanks for the reminder!

    We’ve been gratefully indoors for most of the day, but i had a doctor appointment this afternoon, and the travel was challenging!

    Nov. 20 is also (I didn’t say this to your other post, which deserved its own 2 topics of celebration) my anniversary. This year, #44 and #39.

    You do have a pretty awesome hubbibi; good for him!

    Love the pictures – especially the poignant snow tires. Our plant pots look like yours – they’re all growing the same thing now!

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