100 Happy Days – Day 3: Cuties in Costumes

Hoping my technical difficulties might take a coffee break, I’m attempting to backpublish a post from… several days ago. (I wouldn’t want you to think that Jian Ghomeshi had completely quashed the possibility of happy days.)

Here’s some happy from Day 3, even though they’re pics from October 31st. Because they can make me smile any day of the year. (Even though excited kids standing still enough for a clear photo on Halloween simply did not occur.) Plus, costumes are fun EVERY DAY.

AB the giraffe and “Baby” G the dragon (he’s not a baby any more – he’s a big brother!).
dragon, giraffe, pirate costumes
And E as a pirate!
jack o lantern
Jack-o-lantern designed by E, executed by Daddy.

And if you think that wee giraffe looks just like another wee giraffe you might have seen a few years ago… you’re right.



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2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days – Day 3: Cuties in Costumes

  1. Mama says:

    Now I understand! When, a few days after Hallowe’en I asked AB about dressing up, she told me all about G, but couldn’t really focus on E. Well, duh! Everybody knows about dragons, eh? They’re in all the best books! Pirates, not so much, though you do have a great book about Grandma and some pirates.

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