NaBloPoMo Meets 100 Happy Days – Day 1

{Hi everyone! This is yesterday’s post. It was honestly ready to go on the appropriate day, but I have been having major technical difficulties with my blog. So I’m going to sneakily attempt back-publishing it – here’s hoping this silly post will actually post. And there will be Halloween photos – but the technical difficulties extended even unto those, so they will be unfashionably late.}

NaBloPoMo is here! And at this stage of my life, the prospect of writing a real post every day is really daunting. So, inspired by some of my friends, I’ve decided to do 100 Happy Days and practice my pithiness.

For today, I thought you’d like to see this thing that made me grin hugely, courtesy of my charming five-year-old.

The Amazing Adventures of Super Dad
Chapter 1: Flying. Once upon a time there was a Super Dad.
He was flying happily along when he saw a giant monster.
Chapter 2: A Monster. So he tried to fly away but it was too late. The monster had already got him. “I’m hungry.”
Chapter 3: The Amazing Adventure. Today Super Dad was going on a adventure.
The End.



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2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Meets 100 Happy Days – Day 1

  1. Mama says:

    A chapter book! He’s the latest family author! I think it’s just about up there with The Adventures of Aegar. (“Aegar in a Pit” and other stories…)

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