Summer Sequence Initialized: Check.

Summer has begun!

Favourite Last-Day-of-School Moment:

All the Grade 5 boys from the 5/6 class, who were actually getting along for once in their alpha-dog lives, TOTALLY ROCKING OUT to Beyoncé (All The Single Ladies). They danced and they knew the words.

Summer: Day 1 and 2 are IN THE BAG, folks.

Daddy had to work on Saturday, the official first day of summer vacation, so the kids and I went adventuring. I’m hoping that, by cramming a whole bunch of summery stuff into Day One, we will be in the right gear to accomplish the best possible summer, i.e. getting piles of important stuff done while also helping my kids have an amazing two months of learning/growing/fun. Piece o’ cake, right?

So, in case you’re wondering, Day One included:

  • sunny back-roads road trip to visit Auntie Em, with car tunes and iced coffee and two children both miraculously in good humour;
  • ice-cold fruit-infused water (lemon, cucumber, and raspberries);
  • aforementioned children sitting in a breezy window seat at Emi’s “impartment”, playing with the curtain;
  • homemade popsicles amidst Emi’s lusciously verdant balcony plants;
  • trip to local splash pad/park, including Slushie consumption and bicycle ride;
Getting more daring now that he’s five.
  • snacks in the dappled shade;
  • absolutely gorgeous summer weather;
Warm and zephyrous.
  • excited running and a few subsequent scrapes;
  • trip to berry farm for fresh Ontario strawberries;
berry farm
A very discerning strawberry-picker with high standards.
A very munchy strawberry-picker with low (to the ground) standards.
  • brief-but-satisfying picnic with family at conservation area, including wading, ukulele-playing, dog-watching, and running around with sticks. (Feel free to guess who did what.)

Pretty good, right? Day Two was a bit less busy, and included lots of rapturous/screechy playing with Daddy, as well as leisurely breakfast, celebratory end-of-school dinner, two laundries being put away, and Mummy rediscovering the surface of her dresser for the first time in years quite a while.

Not bad so far. Canada Day is sure to be full of fun too. We’ll keep you posted.



4 thoughts on “Summer Sequence Initialized: Check.

  1. emerge says:

    YAY YAY! Saturday was SO GREAT! Thanks for comin’ out to spend your first day of vacation with me. I had SO much fun and can’t wait to have any/all of you over again (oh – one part of the trip you didn’t mention cause you didn’t experience it was Ev’s and my trip through the neighbourhood to the local library! There were puppets and Dr. Seuss books and everything.)

    I’m glad you had a nice Sunday as well. I did two loads of laundry too! But less rapturous screeching (and more audiobooks).

    Miss you guys! xxoo

  2. emerge says:

    Ach! I’m so glad you have a blog, and you actually write stuff and it is great. I’d forgotten that you wrote about this, till I looked at the page. That day was SO MUCH FUN.

    How did summer be over already? Sigh. I’m a big mopey-pants. Today was a beautiful fall day. But we have to wait a whole year to go to the splash pad again!?! Okay, maybe only 7-8 months. I can make it. Even though prolly AB won’t fit in that SO cute swimsuit by then. Guess you’ll have to find her something else that’s passably cute.

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      It was! GOOD TIMES. (That swimsuit was already giving her wedgies by the end of the summer, though. Aww.)

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