Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #7: Beautiful Butterflies

Who doesn’t love a pretty butterfly?

(Actually, I can tell you who. The last time I was at the Butterfly Conservatory with E and AB and some friends, there was a preschool group there and several of the kids screeched in terror when butterflies landed on them. Even though a butterfly-landing is like the cherished goal of the rest of us.)

This teensy dress claims “I {heart} Butterflies.” Baby AB honestly hasn’t shown much interest in the critters, but we’re going with it anyway.


1) Love gingham.
2) Those butterflies have pretty multicoloured embroidery, because babies need that.
3) Check out the mini-darts WITH BOWS. They flatter the baby tummy.

This is the face that accompanies happy screeching. Remember happy screeching?

This next ensemble was a gift from Auntie A and Uncle R (if I remember right?) and COME ON. Outrageous.

The green stripey BabyLegs came separately.

I had to add this one because she’s actually flapping. (Y’know, like a butterfly.)


And the shoes were hand-me-downs. They didn’t stay on long but they sure were spiffy for a few minutes.



8 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #7: Beautiful Butterflies

  1. Mama says:

    I’m sure Baby Aby will love butterflies once she gets into the idea. I know someone else who doesn’t. When Aunt Bobby and her daughter Sally and husband Dave and kids Mark and Catherine came to Niagara Falls and CL and I (I think it was) went to spend the day with them, taking them to Niagara-on-the-Lake and other neat places, we went to the Butterfly Conservatory at Queenston, and Catherine hated it! Like the preschool screechers you mentioned, she thought it was awful that these huge “BUGS” would actually get on her! You couldn’t have a kid like that.

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      I hope not… but you never know. I didn’t think I’d have a kid who would refuse broccoli either…

  2. berty says:

    Ach. How wonderful. And that showing-your-tongue-for-pictures thing… I think she’s going to take after me!
    And the sitting up!! She’s sitting up like it jes ain’t no thang! What next?!

  3. Mary Snow says:

    Naomi had a bunch of those gingham pleated dress/bloomer deals. They are the cutest and were some of my favourite outfits of hers. I feel like I could be using some tummy-flattering bow darts on my outfits these days!

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