Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #4: “Innocent Lilac”

Happy Victoria and First Peoples Day!

It’s been a gorgeous summery day that was supposed to be raining. (And last week on Mother’s Day it snowed. WTF, FTW!)

Today’s feature is actually from today, for once. A beautifully simple dress, bequeathed by my friend Sally, that begs to be paired with lilacs in full bloom. CHECK! (Lilacs are among my top favourite things I would miss if I didn’t live on this planet.)


Sweet little decorative rose, petal sleeves, a bit of lace at the bottom. Understated, sophisticated. Right?

Works with magenta crab apple blossoms too. ALL the trees are blooming at once!!

The simplicity allows for some fancier shoes – also handed down, from Karissa. They’re too big yet, but whatever. Also too gorgeous to pass up.

I’m going to miss the dents-for-knees stage.

Of course, you can’t spend all day in elegance. Nearly Naked Napping is essential on warm holiday weekends.

Under the ceiling fan.

Speaking of nudity, E had some too.


I hate to censor the joyful little dude, but I figure the face is worth posting. Fully Naked Pool-Splashing face. When I look at this photo, I want to remember how he read the words on the hose-nozzle to Papa all by himself (“mist”, “flat”, “jet”, “spray”, and “flood” – although he put the “ooh” sound in flood).

I love those kids so much.



8 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #4: “Innocent Lilac”

  1. emerge says:

    Yes, if you can hear me from the living room, I am laughing at the censored picture. OEMGEE that is the best thing ever. Laughing so I’m crying.

    Um, the other kid is cute too.

    And yay hose-reading!

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Yeah… it’s good how he has these awesome moments. And how I don’t take pictures of the whiny ones. 🙂

  2. berty says:

    Awww. Both of you look beautiful. So happy! And that nap one is – yes – simply precious. And the hose one. Such a happy little hoser!

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