Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #1: “Brownie Points”

Last week, I was having one of those all-too-common underslept/overwhelmed days, wondering if I would ever see my kitchen counter again. It was a beautiful, warm day, though I couldn’t really appreciate it. On impulse, I opened up one of the bags of summer hand-me-downs for Baby A, since she’s constantly outgrowing things and was running short on clothes. (Thank goodness for hand-me-downs!! And by goodness, I mean friends with kids.)

Twenty minutes later, I was in a MUCH better mood. Sitting there examining these adorable sartorial choices and exclaiming to myself (and my kids, but they weren’t really listening) – “Oh come on. Look at this! Seriously! Who makes this? For a baby??” – it just made me smile. Girl baby clothes are ridiculous and awesome.

Then I had this idea. As a compulsive archivist, I’ve already taken many pictures of Baby A in her cutest outfits, so that I won’t forget them. After all, she only fits into them for a couple of months – she’s sort of a giant baby. Now she has so many delicious dresses, they’ll practically be single-use. Add to that the fact that she grins for the camera so readily that I literally can’t get a photo of a serious face…

What could be more apropos than a baby fashion blog??

Plus, they can be short posts (this will probably be the longest of the bunch) that I might actually have time to produce more often – and they could provide a counterpoint, shall we say, to the posts that are fraught with parental pouting or political ranting.

My hope is that they make you smile.

(BTW, I’m calling her Baby AB because her first initials are A.B., but also because it rhymes. It’s pronounced “Baby-aby”. K?)

So, we start off with the first actual outfit – i.e. not a sleeper – that Baby AB ever wore. I call it “Brownie Points.” A gift from a friend who knows baby girl fashion when she sees it. (Thanks, M! 🙂 ) Baby is so new in this pic from October that she doesn’t yet know how to smile (!). But obviously, she knows how to wear yummy pink and brown with kicky polka-dots and a teensy bow. And obviously, she loves her family.

I Heart My Family - Brownie Points
I Heart My Family – Brownie Points



6 thoughts on “Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #1: “Brownie Points”

  1. Yerpa says:

    Now, normally, I skip anything to do with fashion the same way I eschew celebrinews. But in this case, I believe I’ll make an exception. More,please!

  2. Yerpa says:

    Here’s a bit of outrageous corporate-monster news for you. Your very appropriate rant about nestle has resulted in your blog-followers being assaulted with ads from nestle. You should probably include a footnote on everything you post that says you abhor nestle and everything it stands for, no matter what ads may appear in the margins of your blog.

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      Thank you for the reminder… I was aware that I sometimes get Nestle Baby ads etc. even before writing the Nestle post, which I was already uncomfortable with. I have found out I can abolish ads from certain places – and I’m eager to do so! So I’m working on it. 🙂

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