Maple Syrup Day

Yesterday we – E, Baby A, Daddy, Grammie, Papa, Uncle Ben and I – trekked to Westfield Heritage Village for a “Sweet Taste of Spring.” We weren’t the only ones – it was packed, and the atmosphere was festive.

We went last year at maple syrup time, too, but the temperature was in the 20s (Celsius) so it felt like summer and was altogether incongruous. This year, the weather was PERFECT: cool and comfortable in sweaters and boots, sunny, totally refreshing. We ate pancakes at a picnic table outside, and had enough time to be leisurely and visit the historical houses as well as the sugar bush elements.

I loved being there. It’s all about good wholesome fun: learning, nature, heritage, fresh air, family… and a little sugar.

IMG_sugar shack at westfield heritage village
Mmmm, samples.

trading post at westfield heritage village
We learned that the Hudson’s Bay Co. did not include women, because they were a distraction. Northwest Trading Co., by contrast, involved women in all their trading missions because they knew how to make themselves eminently useful.

Here’s what E liked best: MUD.

What more could you ask of maple syrup day?
horse and wagon ride at westfield heritage village
Perhaps a horse and wagon ride. E waited so patiently for this, and just about burst with excitement when his turn came. The horses, by the way, are named Rose and Lady.

Baby A was a very good girl too. She learned about straws.

making syrup the very old-fashioned way
Imagine the only way you could boil down the syrup was by putting hot rocks from the fire into the sap, over and over again. The natives really earned their sugar.

union jack at westfield heritage village
Times were pretty different in the 1800s.
E and Uncle Ben at the train!




2 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Day

  1. berty says:

    E went on a horse ride?!??!? Why is there no picture of this?! SO EXCITING! (Was he scared once he was up in the wagon? It’s tall.)

    • dilovelyadmin says:

      I know, I wish there were a picture of it. I didn’t ride but waved to him when he came around the bend, and he seemed only happy!

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