The Love for Four Fan Blades

My daughter has a fascination – bordering on a love affair – with the ceiling fan in the bedroom. Whether falling asleep or waking up, she gazes at it and her limbs get all excited (if they’re not swaddled). She grins and babbles to it in delight… and it’s not even on. E loved ceiling fans at this age, too, but it was summer and they were usually spinning, so obviously.

I’m trying to capture the passion (but usually she gets distracted by my being there with my camera phone). Here are a few examples so far.

baby smiling
Yay fan!
excited baby
I just wanna hug you!
Oh, hey, Fan.
You’re looking mighty charming today, Fan…
Know what? I love you!

I was starting to feel a little jealous, but then yesterday I came into the bedroom to get her after her nap – she was awake but calm, lookin’ at the fan. I said, “Hi, baby! It’s time to get up!” and she looked right at me and gave me the biggest, happiest smiles I’ve ever seen. I almost died of cuteness. And I felt better.


{P.S.: For the Prokofiev and Italian folklore fans out there, the title of this post came to mind, and then I happened to look in the fruit bowl, and this is what I found, so I had to take a picture. Actually, this looks a lot like the faces E draws right now: they have big wide smiles, two eyes, a nose, and two independent nostrils.}

love for three oranges



6 thoughts on “The Love for Four Fan Blades

  1. Beverley says:

    Beautiful pics of a little girl in love with her mommy`s fan!! My grandson too was fascinated by my bedroom ceiling fan and always wanted it on! Too cute.

  2. berty says:

    Aren’t y’all lucky, that there’s something that can give her happy calm moments after waking up from a nap? What is this magical spell, anyway? Love it. She’s a beauty.

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