The Trick Revealed! + other stuff that’s not as fun

Um, yeah. It’s 10:19 p.m. as I start this post. I’m not going to be writing anything awesome today.

I spent the hour between 9 and 10 (plus a few extra minutes on either end) trying to put my baby to bed. Somehow, in that time, she went from totally calm, a little bit yawny, and even content in her swaddle, to all upset and loud. Even though I thought through everything I did, and tried to do only the things that would encourage sleep. (I didn’t even blare any Van Halen, give her spinny rides, finger-feed her coffee, tickle her, or lecture her about reefer madness.)

Now she’s falling asleep on Daddy in her babyTrekker… again. And Daddy’s trying to say the right thing to make me feel like I haven’t just accomplished a perfect mom-fail. La la la, I know that being hard on myself doesn’t do anyone any favours… but whatever. Tell that to the sleepy mom-brain.

Today was our first day without Sean in a long time. For the last four weeks, he’s been in a hiatus between his college course, training to be a machinist, and his work placement. It’s been amazing, having him home to make sure E is getting lots of attention while I focus on settling in with the baby.

Nonetheless, today I feel like we did pretty well on our own (I was pretty proud of the way I sliced cheese one-handed)… although I realized how big of a production it can be just to get around the corner to the park with both of my kids at once.

And you should see my living room. It is covered in laundry. (At least it’s clean laundry.)

fitted sheets ecard
Actually, Sean sorta does, so I make him do it.

Fold three items, hear daughter make Bog of Eternal Stench noise to fill diaper, change daughter’s diaper. Fold two items, realize it’s lunchtime, make son’s lunch before dropping blood glucose levels turn him into whiny drama puddle. Fold three items, daughter fusses, spend 20-30 minutes getting her all bedded down. Play cars with son, despite nagging feeling… what was I doing again?

ANYWAY! For those of you who read my Totally Odd Post yesterday, well, thanks for reading! Some of you – mostly related to me – figured out what the trick was. But I don’t think it was as obvious as I thought it would be while I was writing it – my own Hubbibi, who is quite cerebrally well-endowed, needed a giant hint to get the trick, which is simply this: it’s a post with no Es.

How about that, folks??



10 thoughts on “The Trick Revealed! + other stuff that’s not as fun

  1. Carrie says:

    This too shall pass! A few more weeks and you’ll be laughing! Maybe not literally, but at very least figuratively! I just started back to work from my awesome year off, and can’t stop repeating the question “that was a year? Really?”

    It gets better, I promise. Still busy, busy, busy, but you learn what works, and when to do it!


    • diblog says:

      Carrie, thank you! I can’t believe you’re back already either, and I hope it’s going smoothly so far, and not too sad. :S And BREAK A LEG!!

  2. Beverley says:

    Your “Totally Odd Post” was totally odd!!! There is no way I figured it out. Sorry your little one is giving you sleep “challenges”…..but remember….she is only a baby!! Hope tonight goes well for you!

    • diblog says:

      Thanks for the good wishes, Beverley. Still some rough going, but I think we’re making headway… and I know that all too soon, this will be a distant memory and will seem like it only lasted an instant…

  3. Auntie CL says:

    sometimes it’s hard not to think they do “it” on purpose.
    be extra glad that Daddy can perform the necessary magic – sometimes the Dad never gets to be “the one” and that isn’t all that great for anyone. sometimes little girls just need their dads. (sometimes they need their moms — and then there are little boys…)
    i remember a friend of mine talking about her babies and the “i know we’re just going out for our morning walk and it’s 4:00 pm” thing — you need to listen to Nancy White’s Momnipotent album.

    • diblog says:

      Auntie CL, I know A and Daddy have had some really nice, special moments because of this, so I can’t be upset that it’s not all going exactly as I think it should (don’t I know better, anyway?). He’s a great father.
      Momnipotent sounds indeed like something I should hear…

  4. berty says:

    I hope you didn’t have to slice cheese one-handed because the other hand was lost to the cheese slicer. I hope you actually had magically lots of hands at the time and you were safely holding the baby and safely slicing cheese while safely toasting the bread and safely making the soup and safely folding the laundry, etc.

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