A Totally Odd Post in 227 words

For this post, I’m doing an odd thing. It’s a short post, but it also contains a trick. I know it sounds awkward so far, but… too bad. It’s up to you to find out my trick.

I’ll add words until it’s a good many (still uncommonly short, though), but not try to stay on any topic. If I did, I would naturally goof up this stunt I’m working on.

Wow, it’s hard to craft a post this way. It sounds so dumb… but that is what I’m doing: forgoing my way with words to attain my goal.

Do you know my trick now? My family must know. My folks look at words with scrutiny. You will know, too, if you look at words this way.

Now you think I’m a total nutbar… OR you know my trick. I think I’ll throw in a cool photo or two, just to add a bit of charm (photos DON’T follow my trick, though). Following that, TWO HINTS for you.

Image from engrish.com
kitteh on your shoulder
Image from cheezburger.com


First Hint: I had to apply magic from my laptop to do this – my fantastic digital “book with lots of words and options in it”. Thank you, Mac.

Additional Hint: My inspiration for this post was from my buddy SKY.

Got it??

Now YOU try it! 🙂 Good luck!



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    1. Robin, I’d never heard of it… but wow! THAT would be a serious challenge. And a very odd book to read. Probably way odder than my post.

  1. I also did try writing this way, in past days. I found much difficulty in composing rational phrasing and vocabulary. I did it, though…and it was very long: about 1200 words. I probably won’t do such a long composition again. Mama’s trick writing paradigm is doubly hard…did you try it too?

    1. Whoa. 1200 words is enough to get sick of it (I’ve clearly already given up on it in the comment section). And yes – I have tried the other one in the past, but feel like it’s beyond me to write a post in it… for now.

    1. Julia, since you are a recent reader, you might need an explanation of the second hint; my friend’s name is supposed to be spelled “Skye”, but I couldn’t do that for the purposes of the post. Thanks for joining in!

  2. I think I got it. My faith in my solution is wobbly, but I think it may stand. Can you inform this Di-hard if I am avoiding failing in this task?

  3. Ya, I think Christian Bok did a book that way. I <3'd him for doing such a thing. I <3 you too for it. You = coolio. Go, bloggy Di! Fantastic. La la la…blah blah blah…

    Just back from workin' on campus…Now zzzzzzz

    1. I don’t know if I could read a whole book like that… but such a project would be worth writing just for the challenge. Like that book in my French-Canadian lit class, Sphinx, where you never knew the gender of either of the two main characters through the whole book.

  4. Oh, also – in that fun japan food pic, I didn’t know why it said that till I saw katakana – “koh-n-fu-ray-ku” – and only at that instant got it. HHAHAAHAHA.

    And Rolls is in fact “roll-buns,” no ordinary rolls, yo.

    (ok, finish with annoying show-off-ity NOW.)

    1. christina, sorry about that! You know when you put something in a hiding place and you think it’s really obvious, but no-one can find it? I guess that’s what happened, because my husband couldn’t even figure it out without help. haha, fun-post fail… 😛

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