The Police’s Greatest Hits, covered by a very small amateur

Hey there, fellow Di-hards. Auntie Em here. Most of you probably know me, or at least know that I am Di’s sister, live in the basement, and look after E pretty often. During the school year, we spent at least one day a week together while Mummy was at school with the other kids.

Sometimes on our E&E days, we do some musical experimentation. We have listened to Les Miserables while doing the dishes and Once on This Island while making muffins (E can sing the animal sounds from the beginning of Mama Will Provide). We have listened to Prince  (E didn’t think much of the music but was entranced by the photo of Prince on his motorcycle in his frilly suit). We have watched Shoshan (aka “the crazy car song”) by Shye Ben Tzur on youtube ad nauseam, and Peter Gabriel’s animated videos are threatening to become a favourite as well. Sometimes, with Mummy, we have wild dance parties in the living room to Mika or Vampire Weekend, and E frequently requests David Francey for quieter times.

Some of these experiences have video documentation and may make their way onto this site in the future. But what I have for you today is the culmination of a few days in which E and I were listening to album of greatest hits of The Police.

The song “Can’t Stand Losing You” was the first hit that took hold, and “the car dance” was born: it consisted of all present standing in line-dance formation, holding a toy car, and twitching said car in time to the music, with a big circle at the long “youuu.”

“Message In a Bottle” was quickly popular as well, being extremely catchy, and E was curious to hear the story of the man on the island without any friends but a clever plan to find some. (Maybe he’ll retell it for you one day.)

But “Roxanne” was the one song that was stuck in my head all day – somewhat inconvenient considering that the lyrics are not necessarily ones which it would be savoury for E to repeat at the babysitter’s house at random! So, one day while we were out and about, taking the bus to the university and then downtown, having gelato at Planet Bean and so on, we experimented with our own lyrics. The word “Roxanne” remained intact, and a few other bits, but we just made up our own words, and rhymed whatever we could with them.

We made this video just before bedtime when we had spent the whole day together, one day at the end of June. By this point we were perhaps a little punchy. But we were singing, and it was fun.

(Warning: there might be a bit of yelling! In case you have babies sleeping, you might want to use headphones or watch it later.)


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