I was going to try to come up with a cooler title for this post than “Mini-Update”, and then I figured that a short little title was actually appropriate(r) for a mini-update, duh. (Now I’ve just gone and ruined it by using a whole long sentence to explain myself. Oh well.)

  • The weekend before last I spent with my fantastic dance troupe ladies on a rock island in Gull Lake. The cottage we stayed in is as cottagey as you can imagine. No running water, outdoor composting toilet – it’s good to be reminded of how kinda miraculous our everyday amenities are. Also good to spend time with some awesome people and a lot of great food, in the midst of stunning scenery. How about a couple of gratuitous pretty-nature photos?

rock island in Gull Lake, Minden ON

softest moss in the world

  • It has also been soooo good to have quality time this month with people I don’t see enough of – my brother and sister-in-law from out East, and my cousin who’s wayyy out on the West coast. Sigh. I love my peeps.
  • It’s starting to feel like all I do is have appointments for the baby… but I can’t complain. I had another regular ultrasound yesterday, and all is well, perfect biophysical once again. AND, she put her head down! Yay! Now if we can just keep it there…
  • Also, she gained some serious weight. She’s been cruising along at the 50th percentile all this time, and suddenly she’s at the 97th (the doctor didn’t seem fazed, so I figure it’s all good).
  • Also, her cheeks are all round and cute! I saw ’em. Amazing.
  • We are presently at 34.5 weeks, which is our last big milestone, because it’s the age at which Sebastian died. The other night, Sean and I were talking about it, and agree that it’s not as stressful as we expected it to be… because everything just feels different. The baby is so active, and has been doing so well at every checkup… And honestly, I feel different too. At this point with Sebastian, I was completely exhausted all the time (I figure my body was trying to compensate for whatever was not working properly in utero); this time around, I feel fine. You know – big and awkward, but healthy. I still don’t take any of this for granted… but just have a good feeling about this one. Now we can call it the “home stretch”.
  • I can’t deny that the shared care we’ve been getting is fantastic – but I’m really hoping to transfer back to local care at 36 weeks. I don’t mind all the appointments – they’re very reassuring – but the communication between the hospital and the midwives hasn’t been the greatest, and at the hospital I’ve had appointments with so many different people, I get asked the same questions over and over… it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes.
  • I guess it’s official: E is having a very clingy summer. Also rather whiny. He’s still really fun most of the time, but we have to keep reminding him which situations are legitimate crying ones and which aren’t. We figure he’s (subconsciously?) realizing how different things are going to be when his sister arrives.
  • On a lighter note, the other day, E was inspired to take a bike ride, and it was SO COOL! He’s getting really good at gliding on his balance bike. He didn’t want to go home, and biked along for over an hour. It was good for me too, because he goes fast enough that I actually get a brisk walk out of it. Plus, he’s so cute on there that random strangers on the street feel compelled to tell him what a good job he’s doing.

3-year-old E on the balance bike

  • Tomorrow my Hubbibi and I are going on a wee romantic getaway! We are going on a river cruise and staying at a B&B, in honour of Sean being done the first phase of his new career path (machinist pre-apprenticeship) and (belatedly) our seventh wedding anniversary. And also because it will probably be a while before we get another such opportunity. Yay!
  • And finally… It’s Dilovely will be getting a facelift in the near future. It seems a good time for a fresh look. Please don’t be alarmed when it suddenly looks wicked-awesome. (I hope!)


10 thoughts on “Mini-Update

  1. Mary says:

    Enjoy and indulge on your romantic getaway!

    Can’t believe E’s already bike riding!

    It was awesome having you join us on Goddess weekend.

    Glad everything’s going well for your baby girl! Does that mean you get to deliver in Guelph or you still don’t know?


    • diblog says:

      Thanks, Mary! I’m hoping it will mean I get to deliver here – we’ll see at the next appt (36 wks) because that’s almost “term”.

  2. Michelle Beaupre says:

    Hi Diana… I so enjoy reading your blog and am thrilled to read that all is well with your baby girl. Enjoy your evening away with Sean! Cheers!

  3. chris says:

    Yay for baby’s head being down! I had been thinking about it often since your blog to her. Not much longer and you will be holding your princess in your arms <3

  4. Tania says:

    Glad everything is going well. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful summer. The cottage is definitely a place to go to relax and to enjoy the scenery.

  5. lola says:

    love updates! enjoy your romantic getaway, sounds lovely! looking forward to the facelift… i’m always changing my blog. i just can’t figure out how i want it to look! ha! and finally, maybe this fall we can co-ordinate our little people and their schedules and play?
    lola recently posted..monday blah’s…My Profile

    • diblog says:

      Lola, I’m actually always inspired by how beautiful your blog looks – and the fact that it changes. You come up with so many awesome headers and make it seem easy. And as for little-people play… YES PLEASE!

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