Toddler Tracks Video: Snow Picnic + Random Conversation

Back when it was snowy (sigh) Auntie Em took a buncha footage of E eating snow. He really likes it. (Sadly, he has not had very many opportunities for this.)

For the record, I sampled some – he generously offered it to me – and it tasted comfortingly the same as it always did when I was a kid.

Also included in this video is some post-picnic conversation: opinions, ideas, song, story… and some nonsense. A little of everything.



I am not quite sure what’s with that warning message (ostensibly from Auntie Beth) at the end. But I can see how it might be applicable to many aspects of life.



9 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks Video: Snow Picnic + Random Conversation

  1. Quinn says:

    Nathan and I just watched this and were cracking up. What a storyteller! SO precious. Thanks for the subtitles too. I love him.

  2. Auntie CL says:

    i always appreciate subtitles. E. enunciates better than most actors on film these days!
    nice picnic… what’s a picnic table for, but for having picnics?

    but, Beth, Don’t go back!!!! who knows what could happen! never ignore the advice of a two-year old (er – but don’t always take it, either!).

  3. emerge says:

    That part with the question marks in the Snow Picnic – I think he was saying “melt away-way-way!” (Previously, we were eating snow in the driveway that melted away on our tongues.)

    I appreciate having a nephew who is able to sing a song and tell a story on cue. He knows that “Thank you” is followed by “You’re welcome” and he knows that “Tell me a story” is followed by “Once upon a time, there was a…”

    I should also point out that Dylan, later in the story, is purported to have said “Yes, back!” So, you know, drama.

  4. emerge says:

    Also: he certainly did eat the snow on that chair, or a little bit of it anyway. (I’m not sure it was actually first of all, but that’s ok.)

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