Toddler Tracks: More Quotables

We note down E’s fun sayings in all kinds of places. If I’m near my laptop, I note them here, but otherwise it might be the white board or any random scrap of paper. Sometimes I find them months later… but it’s never too late to blog ’em, right?

hugging the snowman at great-Gramma Sue's place

Here are some as-yet-un-archived tidbits from the summer, noted by Auntie Em on days when she was caring for E:

Auntie Em: You ate all your beans! Do you want some more beans?
E: No. I had enough. (E puts truck in the bean water.) It’s all wet! I have to change him. Change his wheels.

E: These are goblets.
Auntie Em: I don’t believe you.
E: I don’t believe you.
A few minutes later…
Auntie Em: These are – what was it???
E: I don’t believe you.
Auntie Em: (laughing uncontrollably)
E: Bleems! Bleems, bleems, bleems… Emi’s laughing. [Bleems was his favourite made-up word for a while. It made him grin like a little maniac.]

E is banging on the wall next to the change table with his car.
Auntie Em: Don’t bang on the wall! Be gentle.
E strikes the wall softly, looks to check Auntie Em’s reaction, then rolls the car over the wall gently.
E: I’m just rolling it. Feel better now.
Auntie Em: Who’s gonna feel better?
E: The wall. The wall, feel better, ok?

Auntie Em is sitting in the hall. E knocks on the inside of the door.
Auntie Em: E**, go back to bed!
E: (sounding resigned) Ok. No problem.

E is on the change table, getting a diaper change. [Which, BTW, he has not needed since September – YAY!]
E: This is my front bum. My back bum…
Auntie Em: Really? Where’s your front bum?
E points to his knees and thighs, which are in the air close to his face. [They do look kinda like a bum.]
E: I take it apart. It’s my front bum, my back bum.

E: Mummy forgot she’s sunny glasses! [We still sometimes have issues with “his” vs. “he’s” and “her” vs. “she’s”.]
Auntie Em: I hope she’s okay!
E: (in a desperate voice) I hope she’s NOT!

Auntie Em made E a ridonculously cute green kitty hat for Christmas. Yesterday at the babysitter’s, he didn’t take it off until lunchtime (he didn’t want to get food on it).

E in knitted cat hat

E: Papa, would you come turn the light on for me?
Grammie: I’ll come turn the light on.
E: Okay, Grammie, that would be perfect.

Mommy: Are you going to finish your bread?
E: No.
Mommy: Why not?
E: It turned into toast. [I guess it was getting a bit dry on the edges.]

Mommy: Are you enjoying your veggies?
E: Yep. I pretty like them.

And here are some recent pearls of wisdom and flights of fancy…

  • “These are dirty o’s. These aren’t fresh o’s. Are you gonna put them in the compost?”
  • “Mommy, what are you sad about? Are you sad if the people broke up?” (No, I think I was searching for something I’d lost. I have no idea who these “people” are.)
  • “When I grow up, I’m gonna be a bird, and fly. And have wings that I can fly with.”
  • This bird theme has persisted and gotten more ambitious: “When I go in the sky, I’ll be a bird and catch a shooting star!”
  • It seems to make sense that if little people are eventually going to get big, then big people are going to get little. He told Auntie Em, regarding the paper crown Auntie Beth made for him, “When you get little, your head will get little, and you can wear it.”
  • He can hold his own when we get silly and use the “So’s your face” line on him: “Daddy’s just crazy, Mummy. My face is not a fishing rod.”
  • Random wisdom shared on the potty: “Most girls poop in the winter.”
  • He has a special connection with animals: “The fish are so happy that they’re teal.”
  • “The cat’s eyes, they worry me.” [Toy cat, not real cat.]
  • And it’s no wonder he has this connection: “Okay, Grammie,” with index finger emphasizing his point, “here’s the deal. Ramona is my cat, and Nico. My home is full of cats.”
  • And here’s one that still hasn’t gotten old after quite a bit of use: when you ask how he’s doing, Auntie Em taught him to say, “Good. The Dude abides.”

His great-aunties gave him a tiny ceramic tea set with Winnie the Pooh on it, for Christmas. He knows exactly how to sip it.

sipping from miniature tea set



5 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: More Quotables

  1. emerge says:

    AHAHAHAHA!!!! wow, some of those are so old I had forgotten all about them – kudos to you for still having them!

    But some are new and awesome. Particularly the happy teal fish and seasonally pooping girls.

    And oh my goodness, the Here’s the deal, Grammie – how much did we laugh at that! just a couple days ago. (How crazy is that??) And the bread toast. Aw yeah.

    The thing about the people who broke up – he said that to me once too. He was talking about you, and why you were sad, but I hadn’t been privy to the conversation about it with you and didn’t know what he was talking about, but when I probed further the whole thing just degenerated into something else random. Bleems! bleems!

  2. Beth says:

    When Arwen was three, someone asked her what she was going to be when she grew up, and she very seriously answered,
    “I’m going to be a kite.”
    And why not?!

  3. berty says:

    He also claimed recently that he would become a bird and go up into the sky so he could fly close to the lit-up festive crane and give it a kiss.

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