It’s November 29th and pouring outside. Time to LMAO and ROFL.

Yessir, it’s a gloomy, soaking day here. The students were inside for TWO recesses in a row, which never makes for an easy day. It’s still a long way to Christmas – in fact, it’s still a long way to the weekend. And as is so often the case, my shoulder muscles are like a game of cats’ cradle gone horribly wrong. I need a good laugh. How about you?

I love funny stuff, like everyone else in the world, but I don’t always laugh out loud, even if I’m enjoying the humour. Here are five things that break that barrier for me between smiling appreciatively and actually LOLing.

1. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Shorts. The MST3K dudes take short public service films from the 1950s and add their own commentary. SO GREAT. Here’s the classic Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm – but honestly, you should watch them all. They are ALL hilarious, and eminently quotable.

2. Damn You AutoCorrect. Sean and I CRY. TEARS. EVERY TIME we visit Just go there, you’ll see. (A lot of them are much cruder than this… but still! Freakin’ uproarious!)


3. Worst Kung-Fu Auditions Ever. I know, they’re so awful – that poor nunchucks guy – but I get fits of giggles with every single viewing. And there have been a lot of them.

4. Noises Off. Really, you have to watch the whole movie to truly ROFL, but this li’l compilation is pretty clever. Some of the best slapstick available in modern times, pure awesome silliness.

5. Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles. God, I love these guys. I love Wayne Brady too, of course. And hey, Drew Carey’s manic laughter always adds an extra dimension of fun. If I had time for a proper dose of Whose Line Is It Anyway? every morning, I’d be in great shape.

There now! Don’t we all feel better?



5 thoughts on “It’s November 29th and pouring outside. Time to LMAO and ROFL.

  1. bd says:

    …and I’ve been an MST3K fan for 17 years now; I remember the dairy farm short well, but my favourite will always be Manos: The Hands of Fate.

  2. emerge says:

    ooh! And Wayne Brady is ALSO an occasional cast member on HIMYM! Which isn’t as LMAO all the time as these things, but it still part of the List Of Best Things you blog about (=LOBTYBA).

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