5 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: More Cuteness

  1. emerge says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! That is excellent! Especially as a break from doing my work on language and global citizenship. Ahhh.

    There are some real classics in there – I remember how long they were on the board! Some from way back when full sentences were still a newfangled awesome invention.

    Also, that stone in the lollipop in the crab thing was the first time I had ever heard him tell his own story, I think. I was reading him the Troll book and he interrupted me to tell that little zen-like tale. But the next time I read the book I wondered if it had come to him because of the “lolloping” that happens in that book. Hmm… he is an amazingly suggestible creature, for sure!

    And I forgot about “mushroom in Italian” ahahhhhahahahhaha!!!!!

    And I had never heard the teeth-eggs thing. That is TOO GOOD.

    Stop me if I already told this one… but the other day when we were sitting on the stairs before I left to go to Toronto (and the Ranch and Meeting and Innaversity and after you do that and after you do that you will come home) he said I want to go to the Ranch! I said we’ll go there soon, and we’ll be there at Christmas for a while too, for sure. And he said “I love the Ranch and I love Christmas!”

    He is so dramatic these days, it’s BEDONK! Just like the foley-beds. Aw yeah.

  2. Mama says:

    Oh, and doesn’t he know when he’s being funny? (often) He gets that little look that says, I’m about to say something you’re going to want to write down, I bet!

  3. berty says:

    Love it. I love that grocery list he made (I mean, after getting the groceries) and I love that toe-story. Gross, and funny, and so sad and cute all at once! Gosh. What a little card.

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