What’s your car’s name?

Our family car does not have a name. However, all of E’s cars have names. I don’t even remember where all of them came from; some he had help with.

That’s LaFasta (it says LAFASTA on the side), Georgian (he made that one up), Racecar, Tanker Truck (some are highly original), Flattop, Mario Car, Rescue Truck (says “Forest Rescue” on the side), Spirit of ’68, Violet, Devyn’s Car (a gift from a friend whose name you can probably guess), and Silver Ghost. The four above have been named in honour of the Cars movie: Lightning McQueen, Ramone, Chick Hicks, and Sally. (Only Lightning is the “real deal”, painted like the movie character – that was the car I thought he’d name when I asked him his favourite.) The only one missing from the bunch is Malaysia.

I think he’s earned the right to name our Echo.



5 thoughts on “What’s your car’s name?

  1. emerge says:

    A couple weeks ago when I was with him for the day, he was carrying around 3 cars that he couldn’t do without. When he went for his nap, they had to be lined up on the mattress, looking at him. When we went downstairs or somewhere, he would say “Wait, I need to bring Malaysia, Violet and Spirit of 68!” It was a mouthful but he did it every time.

  2. Amanda says:

    Our Honda civic was named Boyd. The license plate was BDYD but my mom thought it was BOYD so she started to call the. Add Boyd and it stuck. 🙂 no one at our house ever said car. It would be ” go start Boyd” or “hold on I will get it. I left it in Boyd” 🙂

  3. Mama says:

    I think we only ever named one car, but I could be forgetting. The first automobile we bought as a couple was a maroon-and-white VW van which we named UsBus.

    I agree: E should name the Echo if he wants to – but it may seem a bit daunting. The Echo, compact though it is, is RAWTHER larger than his cars!

  4. Auntie Caroleigh says:

    i do think it’s lovely he has a car named after his Cambridge great-aunts!
    does he do the “Papa car, Mama, car, baby car” thing? my children both did – if there were two big and one little of ANYTHING. if just one big and one little, it was “Mama __, and Baby __” (Carrot, rock, pencil, shoe, anything!)
    i eagerly await the name for the Echo (twice, i hope)

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