Apple Farms: Almost as good as the fair.

Last weekend, we went to the apple farm with Papa and Auntie Em. I was hoping for a late Pick-Your-Own opportunity, but the farmers said that since the frost, they weren’t recommending picking from the trees. (Even though the apples on the trees looked beautiful to us.)

E and Mommy at the apple farm

We sold E on the outing by telling him there would be animals there. And indeed there were! Though he didn’t care much about the apples, he did get very excited about the horses, the rabbits, the pigs, the chickens… and the tractors. (Well, truthfully, he was a little scared of the horses.)

horse at the apple farm

E at the apple farm

lop-eared rabbits

When Daddy and our friend K arrived, having been on another errand, E ran around excitedly, telling them, “I’ll show you the chickens, okay? I’ll show you the tractors, okay?” He’s big on showing people stuff. As soon as you show him something, he’ll turn around and show you, as if he discovered it. We humour him because it’s so cute when he makes his eyes really big.

We’re glad we live in a region with lots of agriculture, where we not only have a local farmers’ market but lots of smaller places you can get fresh-from-the-ground produce. E likes seeing vegetables he recognizes, and he enjoys the ambience in general. (Last time we went to the market in town, he was heard to say, from his vantage point on my back, “It’s lovely at the market!”)

So this was a pretty cool adventure. Good ol’ autumnal family fun.

Naturally, E zonked right out on the way home. Thanks for the photos, Emi!

E asleep in the car***



3 thoughts on “Apple Farms: Almost as good as the fair.

  1. emerge says:

    Yeah! it was fun. Even without picking. I think that part was a silly idea grown-ups seem to have about fun… who needs apples when there are TRACTORS???

  2. berty says:

    This little agriculteur has come a long way. I wonder if, with his new appreciation for outdoorsy goodness, he would even eat a pea from a pod!

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