From the Pages of Mini-Di: The Scents of Autumn

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3 thoughts on “From the Pages of Mini-Di: The Scents of Autumn

  1. Mama says:

    I was sitting here waiting for today’s post! Yay! Not disappointed – thrilled! Of course it’s a poem, and I’ve never seen it before. And yes, I love the rhyme scheme, and the varying meter. I’m guessing your author is LMG, but I’d be more likely to compare you to Christina Rosetti!

    Autumn always drew out the most poetry from me.

  2. emerge says:

    LMG? BJS, don’t you mean LMM? OMG!

    this poem bears striking resemblance to some i wrote back in the day as well. thank you for sharing yours with the world, big Mini-Di, so that i ne’er shall have to.

    and i’m very glad that the one you remember is that particular LC one. It’s about my favourite. And i made a necklace out of it! (or part of it anyway.) Green with white flowers, of course.

    i can’t believe you didn’t rhyme November in there! what?!?!

    despond is my new favourite noun.

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