5 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: More Recent Quotes and Conversations

  1. emerge says:

    Awesome!!!! There are a lot of excellents in there that are classics by now… and some that I have never heard yet! I especially like “my lips are right here.” i’m so glad you did this! yay! and I will chime in soon with some of my Ev-day tidbits.

    he gave me the “nipples” line today too, when he was on the potty – i thought it must refer to something i didn’t know about – he was scratching his knees and i pointed out that they were getting kind of scratched up and maybe he should stop, and he said “but i need to scratch the nipples!”

    I am also compelled to point out that, although Daddy invented the game, THIS particular Ensconced In Pillows moment is my picture and my pillows. (I can’t help having the most pillows ever! They are also good for Pie.)

  2. Mama says:

    From me, he got, “Wowser-dowser” and “Yep-perz”. And what about “Check it out!”? There’s also, “Hey, hey, hey, hey!” in a concerned tone when not everyone is paying attention to HIM!

  3. berty says:

    Oh, that was terrific. I loved that. The one about the alternate soap-opera-universe cracked me up a lot. What the what?
    It’s weird about the nipples thing. If he thinks bug bites or owies and nipples are the same things, how does he explain the fact that he used to get fed from nipples? Odd, odd, odd.
    His head must be such an interesting place.
    Yesterday, at the cafe, he called both me and Emi “honey” (which was when we taught him the phrase ‘sweet talking!’). It was endearing, and pretty useful, too, considering how much he was mixing up our two names while talking to us. I guess if he were forty years older and calling us honey ’cause he couldn’t keep us straight, it’d be different – but it was cute ’cause he’s two!

  4. diblog says:

    Yes, Em, I meant to specify that those uber-tasty pillows are yours.

    Mama, I can’t believe I forgot “Check it out!”

    Berty, I guess boy nipples inhabit a completely different brain-space from milk nipples. And sometimes it worries me a little how much he mixes up our names – I wonder if it’s normal.

  5. emerge says:

    “Yep I do. Yeppers! I DO have some…circle crackers, that are little.”

    I wouldn’t be worried about the name thing. Especially since he usually notices and then says “–I mean Emi!” or “I called you Daddy.” He has called me Mummy, Daddy, Auntie Beth, Grammie and Marcia.

    And oh hey, do you remember that day when he was randomly like “No, YOU don’t love Uncle Ben, cause I DO!!”

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